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These days, it’s difficult to imagine how to style oneself without hair extensions. From wigs to hand-tied wefts for virgin hair, these accessories enhance appearance, hide problem areas, and improve confidence. But did you know that hair extensions have been around throughout history? Here’s a look at how hair extensions have developed through the years. […]

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Most Hollywood movies and fairytales end when the two main characters become a couple after defeating the nefarious acts of the villain. A happily ever after is celebrated in a kiss or profession of love in marriage. The end. Sadly, real life is not as clear cut as the stories found in fiction books. The

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Before, if you ask people what the definition of a good life is, the most likely answer you’ll get is related to financial freedom. These days, consumers have different meanings and comment to tell. This is since many have subjective meaning to the term “good.” But for most people these days, a good life meant having meaningful

Several months after the coronavirus outbreak, the world is slowly adjusting to physical distancing and stricter hygiene protocols. But even if it’s something that everyone around the world is getting used to, it doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down. The pandemic is still very much happening. If you were planning to throw

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For many working women, grooming is as simple as occasionally running to their favorite hair studio to have their tresses trimmed. However, workplace grooming can be more complicated for girl bosses. As the boss, they are expected to present themselves to their best advantage at all times. Women in the Modern Workplace In an age when

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Engagements and weddings are some of the most highly anticipated milestones. Everything starts by choosing the best rings from a reputable jeweler. Whether these are personalized rings, diamonds, or rare gem rings, it is crucial to choose one that will suit your personality. More importantly, this should be one that you will love to wear

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We would like to think that our brains have our best interests in mind. After all, this spongy mass of fat and protein is a part of our body. If the body is put in danger, then the brain will also feel the effects of bad situations. Unfortunately, there is a big difference between what

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There are psychological and biological reasons why we all need companionship. So what do you do when you’re too busy to date and find a partner? While you can keep your social life on the back burner, it can’t stay that way forever. Eventually, you will have to find novel ways to have a social

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