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The New Meaning of the Good Life and Three Rules to Live By

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Before, if you ask people what the definition of a good life is, the most likely answer you’ll get is related to financial freedom. These days, consumers have different meanings and comment to tell. This is since many have subjective meaning to the term “good.” But for most people these days, a good life meant having meaningful connections, good health and has fulfilled a purpose. How can one start living the new meaning of a good life?

Find your purpose

To live a more meaningful life can mean finding your purpose. For instance, millennials are advocating for sustainable growth. Many Gen-Yers find that making certain lifestyle changes can greatly help in making the world a better and healthier place. They are making informed choices and are supporting sustainability even if it meant having to pay more. They are doing this not only in their personal lives but in making decisions concerning their businesses as well.

“Millipreneurs” are the new generation of millennial entrepreneurs who are making a great positive impact on the environment. They believe in the importance of social responsibility, ethical spending, and impact investing. They take green investments seriously and are devoted to improving their business practices to make them more eco-friendly and sustainable. They use sustainable materials for their offices, use digital marketing to promote their brands, invest in innovations such as can crushers to reduce their waste, and already focuse on building their savings for the sake of their future. They found that having a sustainable purpose can bring them happiness while helping the environment all at the same time.


Create meaningful connections

People these days realized that having a big circle of friends won’t amount to a tight squad you can rely on no matter the circumstances. What we need are meaningful connections to people who matter the most. Like what they always say, not everyone can be your friend. Having meaningful relations can help you feel happier, healthier, and more confident. This is why it pays to have meaningful engagements than superficial relationships with just about anyone.

Start by being true and honest to yourself. When it comes to relationships, expect nothing in return but be willing to give and give to the right person. Listen, understand, and empathize with your loved ones. Don’t just rely on technology to connect with others and start going out more to connect in real life. Be mindful, challenge yourself to put aside the judgment, and do random acts of kindness.

Aim for good health

Being healthy is a necessity not just because of the pandemic we are currently facing. Good health allows you to enjoy the things you like doing, without having to worry about its implications to your health. This helps with your self-image, boosting self-confidence, and your happiness.

To enjoy good health, take care of your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Exercise and sleep more, eat better, avoid vices, and stay away from toxic relationships. Don’t hesitate to seek and provide support, learn to take a break, find yourself a hobby or two, and learn ways to deal with your daily stressors.

If you really want to live a good life, then don’t just think about financial security. Find out what makes you happy, be healthy, and search what your purpose in life is. Create meaningful connections with the people that matter the most and you’ll find that life is a lot better once you achieve all these.

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