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Dating Strategies for When You’re Too Busy

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There are psychological and biological reasons why we all need companionship. So what do you do when you’re too busy to date and find a partner? While you can keep your social life on the back burner, it can’t stay that way forever. Eventually, you will have to find novel ways to have a social life and date. Here’s how:

1. Make Dating a Priority

You might argue that if it were as simple as making your dating life a priority, you would. The truth is, many of us are looking for a time when we feel more inspired to date. If you believe this and will put off dating until you feel like it, then you will never have or make the time.

If you want to have an active dating life, decide to prioritize it and make it part of your schedule. Schedule a specific day and time for it, one that won’t interrupt your workflow. Set aside Friday night after work and Saturday afternoons. Squeeze in a few hours or minutes while you’re at the laundromat. Turn off the TV and use a dating app. Make that decision, and you’re more likely to stick to it.

2. Set Goals for Your Dating

The idea of “putting yourself out there” can feel a bit overwhelming. But like tackling a task at work, it can be liberating and helpful to set goals for dating. If pursuing work goals makes it harder to set aside time to date, then apply the same goal-setting tools you use for work to help you date. Sit down for a few minutes and start with a five-year plan.

Ask yourself the critical questions, such as: Do you want to be married in five years? Are you in a good emotional state for commitment now? While setting goals for your dating life, start with a big goal, then cut them down to more measurable, achievable ones. For example, if your goal is to be in a committed relationship within the next five years, set a goal for finding and dating one person you’re attracted to for at least six months.

Couple3. Use All the Tools Available

Thanks to advances in communication, there are more ways than ever to find dates. You just have to pick the right “tool” to help you achieve your dating goals. Popular online dating apps are a good start, as these can give you quick potential matches. But if you prefer a more targeted way of finding a potential partner, you can try matchmakers that can match you with professional singles in Minneapolis. Other tried-and-tested ways of finding or going on dates, like the speed dating services and events that were popular decades ago, have found new life online.

4. Date Someone at Work

If you can’t find time to date someone because of work, dating someone from work might be an option. However, you should now that dating a work colleague or someone in the same company as you is acceptable, but only in certain circumstances. The only person you can’t date at the company you work for is your boss or your subordinate.

So if you and a co-worker hit it off and start seeing each other outside of work, give your supervisor a heads-up before they hear it from anyone else. Assure your boss that your relationship will not affect the quality of your work and that you will both continue to conduct yourselves professionally. Note that many married couples met at work, so if you and a co-worker begin dating, there’s a good chance you will get hitched.

There are many ways of squeezing in the time to date by using dating apps, matchmaking services, or other means of communicating and meeting people online. To make time for dating, you have to decide to do it and find someone that has the same feelings for you as you do them. Approach dating as you would your career, but make sure the person you choose is someone whom you want to be with for a long time.

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