Celebrate with Caution: How to Throw a Birthday Party in the time of COVID-19

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Several months after the coronavirus outbreak, the world is slowly adjusting to physical distancing and stricter hygiene protocols. But even if it’s something that everyone around the world is getting used to, it doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down. The pandemic is still very much happening.

If you were planning to throw a birthday bash this summer, don’t pack away the decorations or throw out the mermaid stamps and birthday invites yet. You can still throw a party as long as you observe proper coronavirus precautionary measures. Take a look at what you can do:

Send an Invite to a Virtual Birthday Party

It’s okay to be reminded of the great things in life in the time of a global health crisis and social unrest. There’s no reason to feel guilty about celebrating your birthday as long as you do it thoughtfully. Your closest friends and relatives would love to spend those few hours being happy together, even if it’s virtual.

Here are some reminders for your virtual party:

  • Keep the guest list short and sweet. A large celebration in person can be chaotic but imagine how much crazier it is if everyone — even someone you rarely talk to is on the call.
  • Cross-check your guests’ schedule before sending out an invitation. This lets you come up with a compromise or a back-up plan if not everyone can be present at the same time.
  • Have fun with your invites. The party might be virtual but you don’t have to limit yourself to email invites. By all means, send those invites you’ve been planning pre-COVID.

Request Everyone to Follow Your Theme

birthday cakeYes, it’s cheesy for everyone to wear the same color during an in-person birthday party. But since it’s a virtual party, why not have fun with it? If your guests can’t come over and take pictures with you in a meticulously decorated room in shades of your favorite color, have everyone follow your theme!

It could be something as simple as having the same virtual background, wearing a shirt in your favorite color, wearing their craziest hat, or putting up fairy lights in the background. Whatever it is, you and your guests will all feel more connected when there’s that one thing that’s present on all of your screens.

Serve the Same Type of Food and Drinks

Another way you can really feel like your celebrating together is by requesting everyone to serve the same food or drinks from their respective homes. It can be a box of pizza, a slice of your favorite cake, or a bottle of your preferred drink. When you see everyone enjoying the same snacks or virtually making a toast with the same beverage, it almost feels like you’re all physically in the same place.

When it’s time to blow the birthday candles, you can request everyone to have a candle from their side of the screen and blow on it after singing “happy birthday.” Or if it’s possible in your location, invite over a select few visitors to be with you while you blow your birthday candles.

It might seem simple but celebrating your special day with your closest friends and family through the screen is sure to bring some life and laughter for everyone.

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