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Are You What Your House Is?

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You may or may not agree with this. But how your house looks, the decor, color, furniture, and the amount of cleanliness or messiness have a lot to say about your personality. It sounds funny, ridiculous even. It may not have a scientific basis. But what I am about to tell you could help you understand yourself better. Or could help you become better.

Let’s take a fun tour of your house. What do they say about you?

1. The closet drawer

Is it messy? Are your socks, hankies, undies in disarray? Then you are a Builder Type of person. A Builder type of person is who is typically neat, conforming to the rules, organized, and detail-oriented according to a study done by Dr. Helen Fisher on temperament. Sounds contradictory you say. The reason is, Builder Type people are too preoccupied organizing the bigger parts of their life, that they tend to neglect the small details.

2. The chairs

Are there too many chairs around your house compared to the number of occupants.? You just love benches, bean bags, and couches, that they dominate every room. This shows your sociable spirit. You love entertaining and hanging out with people even in a cramped space. It is no wonder you always consider outdoor patio building as the solution to accommodate more visitors

On the other hand, introverts have barely any chairs around their house. They consider their abode as their sanctuary, a haven for tired and weary bones. They felt energized being alone.

3. The garden



Is your garden invigorating? Do flowers bloom all year long? Then you are a happy person. If it’s rosy, it is because you are rosy.  It lifts your mood to see plants grow before your eyes. It gives you an indomitable spirit knowing you have become a co-creator. As one saying said if you want to be remembered long after you are gone, plant a tree.

4. The windows

Are your windows always covered with long and thick drapes and seem to be shut most of the time?  Then you, not a “chatty” person who wants to be left alone with his own affairs. You may appear unfriendly and uncaring to your neighbors.

5. The colors of the rooms

wall room

We know that colors do not only contribute to our moods. An American color expert said that paint color is an expression of one’s personality and what color dominates your house can reveal it.

Contrary to what we learned since grade school, there are three primary colors. But according to the psychology of colors, there are actually four. Each of them offers a peek into who you are. Here they are.

  •  Red

    A physical color.  Red means you are a go-getter, passionate and driven. You will leave no stone unturned until you succeed. Obviously, you love action, possessing boundless zest for life. Since red is associated with the heart, it raises the pulse, urging you to move quickly before time catches up on you.

  • Blue

    You are an intellectual since blue is thought to be the color of the mind. You treat your house as an oasis of rest after a day’s work.  Introverts prefer this color who are known to thrive in a quiet, relaxing, and tranquil environment.

  • Yellow

    Considered as the strongest of the colors. You are a confident human being but also easily loses your temper.

  •  Green

    Taunted to be the color of balance. Having green dominate most of your home means that you are practical, down-to-earth,  who try to maintain a good home and a balance between life and work. Hence, engaging in yoga or cuddling up with a book is your favorite winding up activity. You are always dependable and helpful.

 6. Level of neatness or messiness


A tidy house may not only impressive but also reveals more about its owners. When your bed is neat, it means you love your job. On the other hand, an organized desk shows your reliability as a person.  You are a type-A personality if you prefer your counters to be empty even if you find it hard to look for things in the kitchen. A well-lit bedroom reveals you are doing fine in life.

But wait. A messy and cluttered house is not utterly bad. Just look at the examples here.

  • An untidy table points to a creative person. His mind is so buzzing with ideas that it reveals in the way his table looks. He tends to work to his optimum when things pile up.
  •  A disorderly arranged and overflowing refrigerator means you love a fun, charismatic, and outgoing person. You love entertaining people thus a full ref.

Building and decorating your home is an exciting adventure. It is like putting together pieces of puzzles. You carefully choose which piece fits into a corner. You match the pieces based on their color. You spend time and energy to intricately compose the whole picture. Until a unique image comes out. Like you- unique, special, carefully, and fearfully made.

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