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Your Property’s Main Attractions: Lawn, Garage, and…Fencing?

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Any property is often judged by the state of the lawn, the garage, or the fence. People usually notice these things first because it reveals the dedication of the property owner on maintenance and upkeep, whether they regularly change their property’s parking area coating or repair their fence. But of all these, it’s often the state of the fencing that marks the property.

The regular maintenance of a fence ensures you have the right level of security and privacy. Wood, steel, and even fiberglass offer different levels of protection and privacy, but wooden fences are the most versatile when it comes to style.

Many property owners chose wood for picket fencing to achieve a particular look or style. Nowadays, picket fences are also available in vinyl, metal, and PVC. One of the elements that lead people to choose something other than picket fencing for their property is the desire to steer clear of a cookie-cutter fence design. Fortunately, there are different styles available for picket fencing.

Gothic Style Fences

This is the most common style of picket fences. Each of your pickets is shaped like arrowheads. One variation of the gothic style fence is the French gothic fence. This has an ornate fence design with the posts featuring a pointed top. The French Gothic picket fences are used for properties boasting an Edwardian or Victorian architectural style. The pickets in the gothic style fencing will be installed at different distances based on the level of security you desire.

Scalloped Style Fences

house with fenceIn most cases, picket fences feature a straight line with all pickets at the same height. To add visual interest to your fence, you can get a scalloped design. In this fence style, the pickets are of differing heights and will be installed in a manner that they form a fence with a gentle arc or a concave shape. The pickets will generate some sense of rhythm as people drive up your driveway or through your property.

Yorkshire Style Fences

The Yorkshire picket style fence includes individual pickets with flat tops and offsets. These pickets are installed with gaps of approximately half an inch between them. Yorkshire style fences might not have the highest level of privacy, but they match all architectural styles.

Flat Top Fences

These are the ideal choice for those looking for a rustic option for their picket fences. The pickets in this fencing style are flat-topped as their name suggests and thus generally plain-looking compared to other designs. Flat top picket fences are, however, an ideal choice for those who want people to pay attention to their property’s design rather than the fence.

Capped Fences

Unlike the other style options for picket fences that are uncovered, the capped fencing style has a post running diagonally on its top. Other than looking professional and frills-free, the capping of your picket fence posts boosts their protection. Moreover, it enhances the strength of the fence.

You undoubtedly have numerous style options for your property. The above picket style fences are, however, an economical choice and will suit any property. Moreover, you can use different elements to boost the appearance of your picket fence. These include painting, staining, and the use of picket partners like hydrangeas, marigolds, and roses.

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