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Men’s Wanderlust: Must-dos to Travel Abroad Safely amid COVID-19

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They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Indeed, it would seem that the male and the female in the animal kingdom behave differently. But it’s not as simple as you think with humans. While differences in size and anatomy stand out between men and women, experts argue these are not as wide a chasm as one may think.

And yet, glaring differences do exist when both sexes pack for a trip. More often than not, a man will pack 24 hours before the actual date, while a woman will start packing days ahead. For men, ditching the 24-hours-before habit should be wise. Why? Times have changed, and traveling is no longer like how it used to be. Indeed, travel and tourism have drastically changed since the virus hit the planet.

The good news is things are starting to open up. With various vaccines available, the tourism industry is starting to sizzle worldwide — with measured enthusiasm, of course. Today, travel is not just about having the money and choosing a location. There are greater considerations at stake. Reason enough that you should pack with due diligence. Here’s how to start on the right foot.

Prep Your Passport and Visa

The first thing to do is check for the expiration date of your passport. It is expected that you have at least 6 months valid on your U.S passport after returning. That’s why the State Department advises that you renew your U.S passport when it is about 9 months to expiration. If that happens, go to any passport facility around you to renew it if it has expired.

It’s also crucial that you check if you need a visa. There are some countries you can enter without one. But you sure will have a hard time ahead if you can’t give one when it’s needed. Information should be available from the State Department website.

Moreover, you must make photocopies when traveling. Have your passport in one bag. And then have the photocopies kept safe as well. You never know what may happen. You might just be needing those photocopies to process something.

Be Updated About Travel Warnings or Health Advisories


The situation could turn volatile in other countries. In this regard, be in the know. The U.S. government sometimes issues travel warnings for some countries. Going to such flagged countries for no essential reason can be problematic for you. The magnitude at which different countries are affected by the virus can vary. So the travel warnings serve as a vital guide for you.

To find out about the travel warnings, you can check the State Department’s website. You will find out all you need to know there about travel warnings. At the same time, take a look at the CDC website for health advisories. Find out updates on the pandemic and then use it to determine if it’s still safe for you to travel now.

Get Vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccines have been in circulation for a while now. If you travel, you should get the vaccine. This is because some countries may not allow you entry if you have not been vaccinated.

Before you leave, your family must be vaccinated. Also, it would be best to have your parents vaccinated. Ensuring that they are well taken care of when you will be away is a wise decision.

A good way to do this is via home healthcare. To boot, they can be well taken care of with expert care attending to them. Secondly, they can stay safe at a place they love most: home. And that means you wouldn’t be too bothered about your older folks when you are away on your trip.

If you have prescriptions, ensure you fill them. Also, make photocopies of it and take it along. It is also essential to ask your doctor for a generic name. When you travel to another country, they may not have the brand name of the drug in the prescription.

It’s also important that you photocopy your vaccine certificate. Or, you can keep a copy on your smartphone, or better yet, via cloud storage (e.g., Google Drive).

Opt for Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance is critical before you travel. There’s a high chance that the health insurance you have wouldn’t cover you when you travel. So, consider opting for emergency medical insurance. Or better still, buy medical evacuation.

If you have to make a huge payment as the down payment for the trip, consider cancellation insurance. This would help to protect you against losing your money just in case the unexpected happens.

Pack Only What Is Needed

When traveling during a pandemic, you mustn’t pack too much. Pack only what you need. Opt for important electronics that will get you by.

Also, ensure that you don’t take expensive jewelry or an enormous amount of cash along. Doing so would make you a target for thieves when you travel. Indeed, traveling light has its merits during these times.

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