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Men and COVID-19 Travel: What to Buy Before Going on a Trip

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A lot of pundits point out aeroplanes are the main culprit in the spread of the virus. To some degree, it could be true. A recent study looked into air travel data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) linking commercial air travel and how it hastened the exportation of the virus. Though no major conclusions were made, the study still shows that tracing a flight path could hold the key in solving how the virus spread so fast, leaving millions of deaths in its path.

While the virus is not as mysterious to us now as last year, factoring in a healthy dose of caution when you fly these days is paramount. And that should bring into mind the things you need to bring with you when you board a plane. The virus may be more devastating when people with co-morbidity are infected. Still, take note that exercising caution as a man is wise. On the last look, even healthy NBA players have been infected by the virus, to everyone’s surprise.

Fortunately, knowing what to buy before you hop on a plane isn’t actually a puzzle. Frequent flyers who have been flying before you can give you their expert take. Think of it as your essential guide.

Face Shield

Now, there’s a healthy debate going on centred on wearing personal protective equipment or PPE. Some people think that they’re not needed any more with vaccines in place. Some people think that they’re a must.

And all these distinct thoughts have resulted in varying ways in wearing PPE. Top of the list is face shields. Some people wear one that’s just halfway down the face; some wear face shields covering the whole face, from the hairline to the chin.

But the thing is, as much as you want to wear a face shield, putting them on a protracted flight can be a bit of a challenge. Right off the bat, know that everyone who boards a plane is required to wear a mask. That’s protocol, and President Joe Biden made it mandatory on planes. As for a face shield, wearing one may not be mandatory, but it’s better safe rather than sorry.

For the record, CDC still puts a premium on a mask rather than a face shield. Face masks protect you better from the virus more than the shield. It’s like Batman and Robin with masks as the masked crusader. The reason for this is because droplets could still penetrate face masks via the visor.

The best set-up is to use a face shield along with a face mask. However, as face shields tend to drag you down when worn on long flights, using glasses instead could be the better option.

Face Masks

Obviously, you would need the facility of a face mask to board your flight. But carrying but one may not cut it. Remember that face masks can get old pretty quickly, so tagging along a set should be best. That way, you get a brand new one each time.

To note, top-notch PPE product vendors can be discerned from the quality of their products. Their craftsmanship should be apparent. Thus, getting dependable masks and face shields, for instance, from such vendors, is wise for greater safety on your flight. Indeed, there’s a chasm of difference between PPE made at home and those manufactured by professionals with the best tools from the industry.



You might think headphones are a luxury, but no, they’re actually a necessity. They help you stay sane on a long flight. Think of jet lag. You really don’t have total control of flight schedules which could be delayed turning your body clock and sleep upside down.

When you have a good set of headphones, zoning out is easy. You can have your staple of movies to yourself without being distracted. Yes, the airlines usually provide them. But before you put the pair on, remember it’s always best to use your own personal property in light of the virus and proper hygiene.

Then again, things can certainly get uncomfortable for you while wearing a mask and headphones at the same time. So make sure you bring headphones that provide maximum comfort for your ride.

A Clean Blanket

This one may surprise you. But you must bring one for yourself. When the aeroplane has reached cruising altitude, this triggers the cabin pressure to normalize. Once this happens, you’ll find yourself facing the prospects of cold temperatures. Now, you could always ask the flight attendant to bring you a blanket to warm yourself up. But given the circumstances, having your own should be most recommended.

A Pair of Gloves

Gloves protect you from direct contact of the virus from people you bump into to materials that could be contaminated. Bringing more than one is wise. It allows you to shed a pair at key stages in your flight. It’s but logical. You don’t want to keep a pair that could be carrying the virus.

Truth be told, safety is an uphill climb. Then again, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry. It would be best to take the necessary measures to ensure that you remain safe and healthy even while travelling.

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