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Top Three Outdoor Upgrades to Prioritize When Increasing Your Property’s Value

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There’s never a better time for home upgrades than today’s hot housing market. Homes are selling like wildfire, and sellers are taking advantage by finding the highest offer for their property. That’s why it’s not surprising why many homeowners these days are investing so much time, money, and effort to increase the value of their homes.

Increasing the home value takes considerable investment. Homebuyers have different tastes when it comes to home improvements. Some look for homes with a glorious kitchen counter, while others prefer an outdoor garden complete with a beautiful patio and a retractable awning. This explains why most home sellers are cautious about what type of improvements will increase the value of their property. Home upgrades can be costly, so knowing what to prioritize will dramatically affect the home’s aesthetic appeal and market price.

According to home improvement experts, curb appeal is everything when selling a home. This means the way your house looks from the outside is a critical factor in a client’s buying decision. For this reason, we’ll be listing down major outdoor updates you should prioritize when increasing the value of your home.

Keep the landscaping simple

Most people think that a house with a stunning garden is the key to getting multiple offers. This may apply in a high-end housing market where rich clients have their own gardener to look after their yard. Otherwise, an average homebuyer looks for a home with simple and low-maintenance plantings.

People these days, particularly working parents, have no time for garden maintenance. Keeping the landscaping simple is like doing a huge favor for them. So, if you’re selling your home to a family who can’t carve out time for some gardening work, a home with a simple landscape will certainly appeal to them.

Daylilies and hosta are suitable perennial choices for simple landscaping. You may also put down some groundcover or mulch for easier upkeep. If you prefer something temporary, go for colorful annuals with pots. For finishing touches, trim hedges and pull weeds that clutter the yard for an effortless and clean look.

Freshen up the color

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to increase home value is to add a new paint color all over the exterior. Color can mean the difference between a house that looks almost new and a tired-looking facade. In other words, color can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your curb.

Homeowners have a habit of limiting the impact of a first impression in fear of making the wrong choice for the decor. The truth is, the paint job of a home exterior significantly affects how potential buyers will feel about the place. The secret lies in picking the right color palette.

A quality painting job can significantly increase people’s interest in a property since the first impression always drives buyers to look up a listing. Your goal is to make potential buyers imagine themselves living in it, and the right colors can help you make this possible.

There’s no need to follow the latest color trend since trends come and go. Also, don’t go overboard with your color choices, rather pick a color that will add character to your home. A great tip is to pick warm and inviting hues, such as tan, taupe, ivory white, or other neutral colors.

Fix the roof, siding, windows, and doors

Replacing the fixtures in your home may seem expensive, but they often generate the highest return-on-investment (ROI) when reimbursing the cost at resale.

When it comes to the sidings, make sure to repair the surface chips, missing pieces, and cracks. Hire a pressure wash expert to remove the dirt and dust attached along the surfaces. A good choice is fiber-cement siding to increase the resale value.

Roof upgrades are one of the top renovation projects when it comes to value. They may be expensive, but they help in improving the ventilation and temperature of the house.

The doors and windows are also significant selling features that increase the value of a house over time. They help in improving energy efficiency by blocking harmful UV rays and minimizing air leaks.

If you’re planning to sell a property and want to get to the best deal, improving the home’s curb appeal is the way to go. Remember, whatever your house looks like from the outside leaves a lasting impression on your clients’ minds. It is a reflection of whatever lies inside and how comfortable it is to live in. So consider following our suggestions above, and you’re on your way to dominating the real estate market!

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