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Interesting Trends in Men’s Lifestyle

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A man’s lifestyle changes as he gets older. It is especially true if he gets married and starts a family. Nevertheless, certain things influence his decisions based on the times in which he lives. Let us look at five of them.

Health: Technology and Innovation

Technology has always been a vital component in women’s health. From mammogram and ultrasound machines to high-tech sleeping solutions to reduce night sweats associated with menopause, it has enabled ladies across the globe to live healthier, happier lives.

The same is true for men, especially in the 21st century. Today, guys worldwide can purchase all kinds of gadgets to aid them in their workouts, measure their daily calorie intake, and monitor sugar levels and blood pressure. In addition, they have access to more and better sources of information concerning any specific physical or mental condition, ailment, or disease.

As such, if you are a man living in modern society, there is no longer any excuse to not being as fit and healthy as you can be.

Food: More Than Chips and Soda

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Many of the most recognized chefs in the world are men. Names like Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse, and Thomas Keller are synonymous with high-end cuisine, incredible expertise, and many dishes worthy of a three-star Michelin restaurant. Still, if you were to ask a regular guy in the American heartland the difference between a Black Densuke Watermelon and a Little Darling, chances are he would have no clue what you were talking about.

Aside from earth-renowned chefs and European royalty, men and food knowledge usually don’t come hand in hand. But things are slowly changing. In this day and age, guys are much more informed on what to eat, what to avoid, how much of it to take, and the reasons why.

Fashion: Freedom and Expression

Regardless of what the Scottish characters William Wallace of Braveheart and Connor MacLeod of Highlander will tell you, a kilt looks like a skirt. And skirts are an item of clothing most often associated with women. Of course, if you are battling the Royal Armed Forces or an immortal warrior fighting for the fate of the world, exceptions can be made.

When it comes to fashion, men are now free to wear whatever they choose to put on. If they want to rock a bomber jacket and look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, that is their choice to make. If they prefer plaid, round glasses, low-cut pants, and a Spiderman watch, so be it. Now more than ever, fashion represents human expression and creativity, no matter what gender you are.

Family: The Dad-Bod Revolution

It is not easy to describe what a dad-bod looks like. Naturally, a man with a dad-bod is not fit, at least not based on accepted Hollywood perceptions of masculinity and muscle definition. But he isn’t terribly out of shape either. He can probably run a few miles, do a few crunches, and if push comes to shove, kick your butt.

Perhaps a better word to describe the dad-bod has nothing to do with your actual body. Rather, it is a state of mind, one defined by confidence. People will be attracted to you if you are successful, driven, and kind, irrespective of your waist size. Also, it shows that you can enjoy a couple of beers with the boys, munch on a bag of chips while watching Sunday night football, and know when not to take yourself too seriously.

Home: Everything Smart

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At the beginning of this article, we explored the value of technology concerning health. Let us now look at how it continues to influence another major component of a man’s life, his home.

A smart TV or an air conditioning system you can control with your phone is nothing new. Both men and women have been purchasing them for more than half a decade. However, since then, things have dramatically evolved. At present, living in a smart home not only entails controlling things remotely with a small device. It also represents a much tighter level of security, convenience in doing household chores, and all kinds of entertainment to meet any need. And, as we all know, guys love their machines.

We have taken a look at five of the most important men’s lifestyle trends in health, food, fashion, family, and home. Men today have the technology to be healthier and the food knowledge to make better choices. They also enjoy the freedom to express themselves through their clothes and the confidence to have a belly. Finally, they love their toys and are willing to spend good money on them.

These are the men of the 21st century, and they are here to stay.

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