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Preventing and Managing Your Allergies While on Vacation

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Traveling when you’re constantly suffering from allergies is cumbersome. You’re not going to be able to enjoy all the sights and scenery when you get too sick to even stand up from bed. You might even find yourself in the hotel room, watching Netflix all day while the rest of your loved ones enjoy the sights of Rome. If you’ve been having trouble with your allergies, it’s normal to feel a sense of dread every time you need to go out of state or country.

But should you be letting your allergies dictate where you can travel? Should you stop yourself from dreaming to see the world just because it’s been hard to manage your allergies while on the road? Your allergies shouldn’t prevent you from exploring the world.

Consider How You Are Managing Your Allergies at Home

Traveling is no different from being at home. The weather changes, too, at home. The temperature rises and drops. There’s also pollen during springtime. So, what makes managing your allergies while on vacation different from managing them at home? The difference is you don’t have all the devices and tools you have at home abroad.

But there’s a way around this, of course. First, if you have a residential air purification system, make sure that the accommodations—whether an apartment, townhome, or hotel room—abroad will roughly have the same measures in place. You can ask about this since many homes and hotels are not equipped with air purification devices because of the pandemic.

Make sure to ask for a non-smoking room if you are concerned about the indoor air quality. Also, look for hotels that use hypoallergenic linens in case dust mites trigger your allergies. While these may sound bothersome, you’ll be surprised that most accommodations are almost always willing to help you with these things.

Pack Your Medications and Medical Documents

When going on a vacation, make sure to pack a medical bag. A small pouch will do. Take all important medications with you. Make sure they are with you at all times. To pass through customs, have the prescription from the doctor ready. Don’t hesitate to bring extra in case there’s a delay in your flight and you have to take the medicine. You might also want to ask your doctor what alternatives you can take abroad if and when you run out of medicine.

Have a copy of your medical documents on your phone. A digital copy will do. This is important in case of a big emergency that might just land you in the hospital. You’d want anyone who will take care of you to have a copy of your medical history. Medical terms are the same whether you’re at home or abroad. Any medical doctor will understand.

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Bring Snacks with You

Are you a picky food eater or perhaps you have food allergies? Pack acceptable snacks in small containers. You don’t always get to control what you can eat on the plane, train, or bus going to and from your destination. While you can pick where to buy food once you’re at your destination, the food being served on the plane is another matter.

That being said, mention your allergies to any restaurant where you dine in. They will guide you to what safe dishes to order depending on your allergies. Doing so will prevent the flare-up of your allergic reactions and will help you enjoy the vacation better.

Get Your Vaccines

Vaccination is a big issue among many people right now. But these vaccines that you need to take might be helpful to prevent allergic reactions. For example, flu causes cough and cold, which could be trigger points for your allergies. If you are vaccinated against the flu, that lessens the chances of allergic flare-ups. That is one less thing that you need to worry about.

Consult your doctor before you go on a big trip. Make sure to ask if you will need booster shots for any vaccine that will help control illnesses that can trigger your allergies. Do not attempt to address your allergy problems on your own or simply rely on what you read on the Internet.

A lot of people suffer from allergies. You are not alone, so don’t feel like you’re the only one who needs to get through it. This is just one of the many things that you have to consider when going to new places. But while it takes work, there’s nothing like seeing new places and experiencing new adventures to make the effort worth it.

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