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How to Spruce Up the Den

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One of the top reasons people work on home improvement projects during the pandemic is making their homes safer and more comfortable. You might even have been one of the homeowners who fixed your work area after your employer asked you to work from home.

Even as the enhancements increased your productivity, you also need some time to relax after a hard day’s work. And to ensure you get to unwind properly, you may also want to consider sprucing up your den. Here are some ways for you to give your den a makeover.

Select a Focal Point

Selecting a focal point in the den can have a significant effect on its appearance. There are instances when the focal point comes out naturally, such as a fireplace or a picture window. But you can also create your focal point in the room by arranging the furniture and equipment around the item.

For instance, you can use a widescreen television as your focal point and arrange everything to make sure everyone’s attention is on the television when they walk into the den. If you love art, you can use a prized art piece as your focal point and arrange the furniture and lighting to focus on it.

Add Space Between the Wall and Furniture

If your den has a lot of space, you may want to move the furniture away from the walls. A few inches of space between the walls and the furniture creates an illusion that the den is bigger than it is. It also gives your furniture and walls some breathing room.

But if the den is huge, you can play around with the arrangement of the furniture while keeping the focal point of the room. You can even put several feet of space between the furniture and the walls.

Balance the Furniture


Finding the right balance when arranging the furniture is also important. You should avoid putting all large pieces of furniture on one side and the smaller pieces on the other side. Aside from taking away the aesthetic appeal of the room, it also messes up your focal point.

You can look at the sizes and the design of the furniture when you work on rearranging them in the den. With the numerous shapes to consider, it can take some time before you can find the right balance and enhance the room’s aesthetics. You can mix them up, such as pairing a round-shaped coffee table with a straight couch.

Play with the Light

While lighting plays a major role in the aesthetic appeal of a room, people often neglect it. You can use different lighting sources to enhance the overall appearance of the den, including table lamps, overhead lights, and floor lamps. A table lamp is ideal for the shelves or side tables. You can also highlight a sofa or chair using a floor lamp.

Natural lighting is also a great idea to make your den look great. But you may also want to control it by setting up custom Roman shades for windows. Aside from managing the entry of light into the room, the shades also allow you to keep some of the heat out. This is particularly useful during the summer.

Using different lighting sources allows you to highlight different parts of the room. Lighting can also accentuate the focal point and enhance the overall look of the room.

Look for a Good Rug

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A rug is also a good addition to a room, especially a den. Rugs not only enhance the overall look of the room but also make the room look bigger. It’s fine if there are some areas of the flooring that the rug doesn’t cover. It should be big enough to cover all the areas where you put the furniture, especially the sofa, couch, and chairs.

Look for a Suitable Table

A good den can use a good table. So, you should look for a suitable coffee table to use in the den. A big one is often better to put inside the den. You can use it to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. The coffee table can act as the anchor for your den and provide suitable space if you’re entertaining people in the den.

You can surround the table with chairs or sofas. But there should be enough space between the coffee table and the seating to allow people to pass. If a large coffee table is unavailable, two smaller tables will do. You should also take into account the traffic flow when you arrange the furniture in the den.

Arranging the furniture and other accessories in the den is important. So, you should make sure to make a floor plan before putting everything inside to enhance its overall appearance.

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