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For Your Health’s Sake: How Living Solo Can Impact Your Health

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No two persons are the same, in terms of personality, likes and dislikes, relationships, etc. Some singles are happy and content, while some feel lonely, miserable, and unhealthy. Some people in a relationship are stressed-out but financially stable, while others are happy despite them lacking in the financial department. Both singles and couples face unique challenges. But no matter whether you are in a relationship or not, everyone could benefit from doing things that can improve their quality of life

There are many variables to consider when checking how the life of single people can differ from those who are in a relationship. But according to different studies, your relationship status can influence your health in both good and bad ways. In this case, we listed some of the good and bad ways being single can affect your health.

Lower Stress Levels in Terms of Household Chores and Finances

According to multiple studies, women still do most of the housework at home despite them also working to create additional income for the family. Men usually believe their role is to provide for their family’s needs, hire the right technicians to do the duct cleaning whenever necessary, and invest their money in the right renovations. When views and opinions clash, this makes the perfect recipe for disaster thus boosting one’s stress levels.

As for singles, they get to do everything they want and tackle household chores whenever they want. Their housework is also significantly fewer since they only have themselves to clean up after instead of a whole family. They also need not worry about secrets, since they have no partner to hide anything from.

Increased Possibility for Depression

Even people in a relationship can experience depression. This is especially true if they can’t get the necessary support they need from their partner. But then, many single people struggle with anxiety and depression.

Since humans are naturally social creatures, there will come a time when you will want the company of someone who will make you laugh, help you get through your problems, and will enjoy your company no matter what. When you live alone, it is very easy to isolate yourself from others, try to solve all your issues alone, and feel demotivated without anyone being there to support and cheer you up. The more depressed you are and the more you allow isolation to affect you, this can further negatively impact your mental health.

Healthier Eating Habits and Better Exercise Regime

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Singles usually eat healthier foods and they usually tend to exercise more than couples. They have more time to take better care of themselves which most couples, especially those with kids don’t have the privilege of doing. This is since it is easier to adopt unhealthy habits of your partner than to motivate them to live a healthier lifestyle.

When you are single, it is easier to try new diets, engage in physical activities, and stay true to your health resolutions. Most couples gain weight a few months into marriage and are less likely to stay within their normal, healthy weight. This is since they already have a partner and are less motivated to retain weight.

Increased Risk for Developing Dementia

One advantage of having a partner or spouse with you is getting that special someone who can spot signs of health changes or deterioration. Many single people tend to brush off signs and symptoms, thinking these will eventually go away or are not that much of a big deal. But when you have someone intimately close to you, they can tell when something is off and when you badly need medical assistance.

Studies show that people who have spouses or partners are 50% less likely to develop dementia. This is since always having a special someone around counts as active social life. The good news is, you can still lower your chances of developing dementia later in life if you keep yourself socially active during your senior years.

Continuous Personal Growth and Development

Once you marry, your priorities change, your views change, and your opinions vary from when you were single. You might find it hard to continuously improve yourself now that you need to think about your partner’s health and feelings. You need to support their own victories but often fail to support your own personal wins in the process.

For singles, they have more time, more energy and are more determined to improve themselves in areas they value. They have an increased autonomy knowing you don’t owe anyone your time and explanation to do what you want and try to achieve your goals. You can enjoy higher levels of self-sufficiency and a better sense of accomplishment as a single person.

There is no right or wrong relationship status. People make choices for various reasons. Different people can experience different health results as variables can change for every person. But then, we cannot deny that there exists a trend when it comes to singles and couples. The list just shows some different ways being single can influence your health.

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