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Addressing Poor Work Habits to Prioritize Health and Wellness

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Adults often find themselves overwhelmed with a lot of things, from project deadlines to parenting responsibilities. They often find themselves spending most of their time trying to fulfill all their obligations. As a result, most of them get stuck with doing the same daily routines, which often consist of nothing but work and family. They don’t even realize that they are spending less and less time for themselves. No wonder an increasing number of people suffer from increased levels of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Facts about Work Habits in America

Americans are known to be hardworking and dedicated to ensuring that they can earn enough for themselves and their family. Some of them who already have full-time jobs still accept side gigs to make more profit. Here are some alarming facts about America’s working habits:

  • Longer work hours—According to a 2014 report, the average full-time employees in the United States work at least 47 hours a week. Other countries, including Sweden and Germany, only dedicate an average of 35 hours for their workweek.
  • Fewer vacations—Using paid leaves are an excellent way to take some time off from work. Unfortunately, most companies in the US are only offering two weeks of paid leaves per year. That is probably why most employees would instead work than go on a vacation.
  • No time for work breaks—It was also discovered that most Americans are spending more and more time on their work desks. Most of them have lunch on their work desks, while others even decide to skip meals to finish specific projects.
  • Less to no time for socializing—Americans are also known to have a less social life with their coworkers. They do celebrate birthdays and important milestones with them, but they seldom form friendly relationships.

Prioritizing Health and Wellness Despite Busy Schedules

woman biting her pen while workingIt’s naturally understandable to think that most people don’t have time for themselves. Aside from the crazy work habits, they also find more excuses to forget about prioritizing their health and wellness. After logging off work, most people, especially parents, spend quality time with their families. During weekends, they don’t even think about exploring the world or spending an excellent time with friends. Most of them deal with house chores, which often take up several hours a day. If you want to have time for yourself, here are a few recommendations for you:

  • Learn how to prioritize your tasks—Having excellent time management skills can help you have more time for yourself. However, you should also learn how to prioritize your tasks. For instance, during weekdays, you can dedicate all your time to work and home. Every Saturday, you can spend quality time with your family. On Sundays, make sure that you reserve your day to yourself. The key is to find time to practice self-care habits, no matter what. Also, remember to schedule appointments to have your health checked. Request for leave at work if you need to.
  • Dedicate time for sleep and rest—Sleep and rest are essential to ensure that you regain lost energy during the day. Having enough sleep also provides you with a sense of clarity, which helps you stay alert and focused when you’re awake.
  • Teach yourself to say no—If you are already overwhelmed with your tasks, learn to say no when someone requests your help. Kindly let them know that your hands are already full at the moment. Don’t be pressured to accomplish everything on your own. Learn to get help and say no whenever necessary.
  • Set a schedule for house chores—Spend a few minutes every day to clean and declutter your home. That will prevent you from getting a lot of house tasks during weekends. If you are too busy to clean your home thoroughly, you can hire experts to assist you. You can look for expert home cleaners, laundry shops, or even get an air duct cleaning service.
  • Find time to socialize with friends—Schedule a mini gathering or free your weekends so you can visit your friend’s home. Remind yourself that you don’t have to wait for their birthdays before you meet with them.

Start prioritizing yourself and set realistic and measurable goals to help you stay motivated in leading a healthy lifestyle. Start small such as avoiding junk food or eating proper meals during lunch breaks. Spend time to destress or pamper yourself, such as getting a good massage or getting more sleep during the weekends. The key is to live a healthy lifestyle intentionally, so you continue learning to choose your health and wellness above all else.

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