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Family Bonding Ideas with a Twist

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The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to shift many aspects of our lifestyles due to the quarantine restrictions. Apart from moving our work and study setup to the comforts of our homes, the pandemic has also changed the way we spend time with loved ones in our free time. Despite staying home most of the time, we have been stuck to a dull daily routine since the start of the pandemic. Have you had these gray days as well?

If you and your family have been feeling down and gloomy lately, perhaps it is time for you to change it up with new family activities you can do right at home or in your backyard. Let go and let loose on weekends with the family. This could be a great way to get to know them better and build stronger family ties.

What activities can you do at home with your family despite the pandemic?

Home Family Activities to Try

We know you love your family but let’s face it: the quarantine period may have been getting boring with all the same-old family dinners and movie nights. Since nobody’s allowed to go out, what else is there to do?

There are other ways in which you can enjoy each other’s company while keeping things fresh and new at home. One of these ways is to camp out in your backyard. Set up your usual camping setup in your grassy area and cook meals outdoors. You can even look for outdoor fireplaces or fire pits to get the ultimate outdoor vibe.

While you stay outdoors, you can also try planting a garden with your family. During this global health crisis, you should get as much sunlight as you can despite staying indoors so often. Getting vitamin D from sunlight will boost your mental health and this can benefit your whole family throughout the quarantine period.

If you have younger household members, you can organize a scavenger hunt for the little ones. You can make this into a themed scavenger hunt according to their current favorites such as a cartoon they like to watch or a toy they like to play with. You can make interesting clues that can even make the game an educational session for the kids.

Get the family moving. Work out together and maybe even have a dance party. This is a good way to get the blood flowing, especially since you are more likely to remain sedentary during the quarantine period. You can dance with your family at home or even get your friends and long-distance family members to join in via video call.

Try to learn something new. Educational sessions don’t have to be in the form of boring discussions. You can get the family learning new things or skills by making it into a game. Compete with each other on who can learn new things faster or get things done better.

These are some ways in which you can add a new twist to your family time during this quarantine period. Explore other ideas that you can easily and safely try at home. You might have resources that you can utilize to set up a fun and fresh family day.

Benefits of Family Activities

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As we face this health crisis, many of us are left anxious and afraid of the uncertainty that the times have brought upon us. This uncertainty may have resulted in dips in mental health for some of our family members. Of course, as their family, we want to keep them happy while also keeping them safe from the impact of the virus.

Losing the capability for physical contact and face-to-face interaction may have taken a toll on our mental health. This may have put a strain on some of our relationships, which can cause further stress because of the feeling of helplessness that this pandemic has provided us.

It is important to maintain strong family bonds, especially during this time. Now is the most important time to maintain a good support system from friends and family. As we deal with the pandemic, there are ways in which we can let our family feel our support despite the tough times.

Spending time with family is a good and evident way of showing our support of each other. It is important to set aside time for friends and family even via phone calls. This will maintain a good connection among loved ones despite the distance.

Along with spending time with family, you should also make your loved ones know that you are willing to listen to their concerns and thoughts regarding the current situation. A good support system does not just give but also receive. Be receptive to their emotions and vulnerability.

As you stay connected with loved ones, it is also your responsibility to recognize if a certain relationship is becoming unhealthy. It will be best for both parties to immediately address any underlying concerns to prevent aggravating the friction between loved ones.

While the pandemic still seems to be a never-ending challenge, there are many ways in which we can provide a good support system for our friends and family during this time, despite the distance.

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