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Bad Habits That Can Lead to Weight Gain

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If losing weight was simple, there wouldn’t be more than six hundred and fifty million obese adults worldwide. Giving up on old habits is hard but necessary if you want to lose weight. It is often the small things that lead to weight gain. But, we can make small changes to our lifestyle and stop packing on pounds.

We must first understand what lifestyle habits lead to weight gain before taking corrective measures. In this blog, we have discussed six lifestyle habits that lead to weight gain.

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is an issue faced by working professionals like freelancers, self-employed individuals like roofing license contractors, real estate agents, photographers, and business owners, who don’t have a fixed work schedule.

Skipping meals, in fact, can lead to weight gain. Why? Because skipping meals can slow down. You are also more likely to overeat later in the day. And there’s a science to back this claim. A study found that people who skipped breakfast were more likely to get obese.

Thus, if you think that by skipping meals, you will lose weight, then you are wrong. Instead, you will end up gaining more weight. Make it a habit of having meals at appropriate times to keep your metabolism high.

Not Being Hydrated

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We should drink 2.7 liters (women) and 3.7 liters (men) of water daily. But, hardly anyone drinks adequately daily. Not drinking water, naturally, will make you thirsty. But, your mind and body may mistaken thirst for hunger. This will lead to you eating food even when not required. If you want to lose weight, then start keeping your body hydrated at all times. As per research, the best time to drink water to lose weight is right before breakfast.

If you find plain water boring to drink, you can add a dash of flavor by adding cucumber slices, lemon, or your favorite fruit.

Watching TV While Eating

Watching TV while eating has become a routine for most people, including the young and old alike. Obviously, watching TV while eating leads to split concentration. You can’t focus on either of the two tasks. It can also lead to weight gain. Research has found that being distracted while eating leads to people eating more food, up to five to ten times more, leading to weight gain.

Thus, the next time, switch off the TV or refrain from any other activity like scrolling through your mobile while eating if you don’t want to gain weight.

Not Sleeping Enough

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Lack of sleep is strongly linked to weight gain. Unfortunately, over a third of the American population doesn’t get enough sleep. Sleep loss can make you feel hungry even if you have a stomach full. It is because sleep loss can lead to an imbalance of cortisol, a hormone responsible for regulating appetite. Additionally, less sleep can lead to increased fat storage, which again contributes to weight gain.

Make sure that you get enough sleep and have a fixed sleep cycle to prevent weight gain. If you find trouble falling asleep, you can try the 4-7-8 breathing method, practice yoga and meditation, or listen to relaxing music while sleeping.

Having Overweight Friends

It is said that we become like the people we expose ourselves to. As per research, you are more likely to overeat if you have friends or a spouse with the same issue. This will, naturally, lead to weight gain. However, don’t unfriend them or file for divorce from your better half. Instead, make the time you spend with them fun and filled with activities that can lead to weight loss.

For instance, go to the gym with them, go on a walk, or plan other activities instead of lazying around or eating.

Not Exercising

We don’t need to mention the health benefits of exercising, one of them being weight loss. Exercising 30 to 45 minutes a day, five days a week can help you lose those extra pounds. It can also reduce the risk of various health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and blood pressure. Exercising also helps improve mental health, resulting in overall physical and mental development.

Thus, take the time out to exercise regularly and follow a schedule. It will be better if you have friends to accompany and motivate you to not lose your focus.

As we have seen that the little things add up, which results in weight gain. But, you can make simple lifestyle changes that can help account for them. By following either one or all the tips mentioned in the blog, you can easily avoid weight gain.

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