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Why Some People Can’t Find Time for Exercise

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It seems like it’s getting harder to find the time. From nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, we are occupied with work. For many people, these hours are only getting longer. The rest of the day, we’re too tired to do anything else. Thus, we overlook other priorities in life, particularly health and wellness.

In actuality, it’s only a matter of motivation. We do have enough hours in a day. And if a weekday isn’t really going to cut it, weekends are always there.

Finding the time starts with making better choices, so every second would count. If you can’t make time for fitness, then you’re probably being hindered by factors that prevent healthy living.

Your Home Isn’t Conducive for Fitness

It all starts at home. The home is a place to relax and unwind, and we’ve tried to project this into our interior design trends. Contemporary styles, with their earthy palettes and snug layouts, affix warm lighting in every room possible. But being cramped in a cozy room all day can perpetuate lethargy and laziness.

It’s best to allot at least a room, or an area with a bright, breathable space that could motivate you to get moving. Making the space livelier is as simple as replacing dim light fixtures with fluorescent ones, but if you still need some help, there are general construction services whom you can hire to make things easier.

If you want to step it up with an at-home gym, hiring professionals can also ensure the safety of your workout space, especially if you’re bringing weights and other heavy equipment.

You’re Using Busyness as an Excuse

Some people try to take the easy route by feigning productivity. This can involve creating a busy day with small tasks, in order to avoid the big picture. According to Ben Hunnicutt, being busy can be one of the seven deadly sins.

Hunnicutt recounts the Middle Ages when sloth had two forms. One is paralysis, the inability to do anything. The second is called “acedia,” where someone just runs about frantically.

The modern man has created a term for this feigned productivity. Referred to as “procrastination,” it is a coping mechanism in which people give in to feel good about themselves. Procrastinating small tasks justifies putting important tasks on hold. Indeed, by perpetuating the idea that there are not enough hours in a day, it becomes easier to avoid exercise.

By believing that we are busy all the time, a person becomes trapped in a cycle of avoidance. In the book Procrastination and Task Avoidance: Theory, Research, and Treatment,” author William McCown talks about how people put off things that are important.

You are Unhappy

However, for many people who are paralyzed by the sin of sloth, it isn’t a simple excuse. It could be due to the more complex problems of depression and burnout.

Depression isn’t always about crying and sad faces. Sometimes, depression manifests itself in a person sleeping 15 hours a day, or a couch potato who drinks away his afternoon. When depression causes lethargy, picking up the kettlebell becomes a herculean task, eating away all the energy left for the day.

Depression isn’t a choice. But it can be gradually corrected by finding the root of the problem. For many young adults, it’s usually due to being unhappy with their job. For those who do like their jobs, burnouts may eventually find their way. Addressing these problems, and knowing when it’s time to quit and move on, can liberate someone trapped in a state of lethargy.

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You Have No Self-Control

Exercise is only an aspect of healthy living. There are other aspects that are equally important. These are diet and nutrition.

Often, fitness regimens fail because people cannot control their vices, from junk food to regular drinking. Weekly 5-minute burpees wouldn’t stand a chance against your pizza Fridays.

As always, the key is balance. Having taco Tuesdays isn’t a crime, as long as you don’t do it far too frequently that your heart can no longer keep up. Beyond achieving a slim figure and low body fat, unhealthy diets cause chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart failure.

Living healthy doesn’t have to be a bore. Keep it light, with an exercise buddy to explore routines. Time flies when you’re having fun, and before you know it, you’ve done your 30-minute workout for the day.

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