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3 Common Sicknesses You Can Get as a Couple

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Before you think it, no, this doesn’t even cover things that you can pick up or transfer through intimate means. Often, it’s par for the course that couples spend many hours together and often find themselves in the same dwelling. That increases even more for those that are already at the point where they live together. If one gets sick, the other can expect the very same thing soon enough. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of illnesses you should be wary of getting as a tandem, here are some sicknesses that almost always hit in twos.


Also known as pink eye, this is one of the most contagious diseases out there, and it’s essential to identify it as early as possible. There are various ways to contract such a thing, and bacterial or viral infection could do the trick for one and pass it onto the other in one fell swoop. That said, couples are also particularly susceptible to another form — that which comes from allergens like pollen, dander, or chemical irritants.

There is allergic conjunctivitis treatment that you can find access to. Still, if you’re wondering how this may have hit you in the first place, it would be wise to make sure that your house is always cleaned, your ventilation is ample, and you don’t have any build-up in your ductwork and filters that could be trapping more allergens in the home. That can hinder both of you effectively since it can close up your eyes for anywhere from a few hours to many weeks.


woman with the fluIt should not come as a surprise, as the flu can get anyone, even healthy people. Even if you get vaccinated, that only reduces your risk of acquiring the flu by 40 to 60 percent. Although that’s enough, and these days, you are unlikely to die from a cold unless you had underlying chronic conditions, you should be wary of just how contagious it can be. After all, people start spreading it before they even begin displaying symptoms themselves. Add to that the fact that it can spread from tiny droplets that are pretty unnoticeable, especially if you have a shared space.


This particular condition doesn’t have a sudden onset. However, studies suggest that couples who have been together for a long time are more susceptible to acquiring the same diseases because of shared behaviours and environments in addition to any hereditary factors that either one may have. Among these conditions is depression, which is why it’s even more important to make sure that a couple maintains open communication, healthy coping mechanisms, and a balanced support system so that both parties can keep their well-being and mental health up.

Besides having shared experiences that may instigate or cause distress to both partners (which is a common cause for shared depression), some studies also show that partners of people who have depression are 70% more likely to develop it. That makes it even more essential to work hand-in-hand to keep things in check and adopt positive practices to help both of you.


Any teen flick through the ages would already let you know that mono is the disease you get from kissing. While this also rings true because it is transferred via saliva, that is only the most obvious way to get it (and likely what makes it such a hot topic in the younger crowds when a couple gets it). Couples often get this in tandem because it can easily transfer between two people if you share utensils and drinking glasses, and if you’ve lived with someone long enough, chances are you’ve done this at least a few times. Although adults are less likely to develop symptoms, they can still get it, and some even become asymptomatic carriers.

Mono can affect your spleen if you’re not careful, so it’s essential to treat it and stay hydrated while you have it. Since it shares some symptoms with strep throat, the way to differentiate it is if antibiotics don’t work. If both you and your partner feel tired, have a sore throat, develop a fever, and feel swollen lymph nodes and tonsils, it may be time to get a check-up.

Some of these sicknesses happen to be because of the time you spend together, but data also shows that long-term couples start syncing up in their health after some time. Because of this, make sure you and your partner practice healthy living so that you can maintain your wellness and avoid getting sick together.

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