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What Should You Discuss Before Moving in with Each Other?

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When you and your partner plan to take it to the next level in your relationship, you should sit down and have a long talk. Ironing out the various issues can help ensure that your moving-in experience does not end in disaster. Here are some things that you have to clear up.


You are going to have to be clear about why you want to move in with each other. Some people want to move in together because it will be less costly. Others think that it is because of more sentimental reasons. You do not want to find out that your partner decided that moving in was a financial decision and not an emotional one after you unpacked everything. Be clear about the reasons so that you can go into things with open eyes.


You and your partner have to decide where you will live. Usually, one of you moves into the other’s current home. But you can choose to have a fresh start and rent or buy a new place together. Doing so can descend into further discussions on what you plan to do with your new home. For example, if the house you’re moving into needs repairs, then decide with your partner on whether to call in experts like reliable roofers or do everything yourselves. That can be a great time to bond with each other.

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Moving in together can also mean that you and your partner are going to share finances. Before the move, be clear about how you will share all the expenses. You don’t have to share everything since it is a good idea to have some personal funds, but you have to plan out the budget so that you don’t end up in financial trouble. That also means that you have to come clean about money issues like your debt and salary. Be honest about things, and there should be no problem.


Moving in together means that you will need to share the responsibilities. Chores are an essential part of housekeeping, and it is unfair to dump it all on your or your partner. It would be suitable for your relationship to have a clear idea of who does what in your home. It is better to take turns on various responsibilities. For example, one week might be your turn to do all the cooking, while next week is your laundry and cleaning week. That ensures that no one feels like they do everything and that there is a better understanding of the responsibilities.


One important thing you have to talk about is personal space. No couple can always be together. You have to give each other space so that you can de-stress and be yourself. It also helps you de-escalate when it comes to the inevitable disagreements. Talk about what you feel are your boundaries and how you can keep them despite living together.
Moving in together can be much more successful if you take the time to talk things through. With everything clear, you can take this next step in your relationship with open eyes.

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