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How to Make Any Woman Want You: The Way To a Woman’s Heart

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Humans are lazy; you only do what is required, so why should you put out the effort and invest in someone if they’re already your significant other? A staggering 90% of all relationships fail to endure—even half of all married couples divorce, with the women bearing the brunt of the blame. So if you love your girlfriend and want to be with her for the rest of your life, begin investing in your relationship and providing her with what she needs.

Many men put effort into their relationships, yet often it still does not work out. The issue is that they don’t truly understand what women need. So the simplest way to find out is to pay attention to what she says she wants. However, it is typical for women to be unsure of what they need. Thus, what she seems to want are often incorrect. You might’ve met or heard of a wonderful man who goes out of his way for his lady, and she still treats him like garbage. It’s because he doesn’t offer her what she needs. Don’t be that man.

A Look Into Women’s Brains

Women need males to be kind, patient, understanding, empathetic, and compassionate. Men and women, regardless of their relationship, should be mindful of each other’s emotions. Recognize that a partner’s hardships and tribulations are significant to her. Couples’ responsibilities are to love, care for, and be concerned about each other.

Women want to be noticed. She wants to know that you are listening to her and are aware of her motivation. Women desire men who care for them. They do not wish for ideal people; instead, they seek guys who strive to be their best selves. You don’t have to be Casanova or Shakespeare, but you can do the following to make your woman feel loved:

Show Your Appreciation

Women relax and open up when they feel appreciated. The disagreements fade, the intimacy is plentiful, and their caring, feminine energy exudes life. Every conflict you and your lady have has a subtext of her not feeling loved. If she is angry you’re going out with your friends, upset about her day at work, or only reacts to you with short messages, she most likely feels a lack of affection and attention from you.

Try thanking her when she cleans up around the home or puts a lot of care into the lunches she prepares for you. Recognizing things you don’t usually speak about will make her feel that you notice and appreciate all of the small things she does for you.

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Show Your Love through Actions

If you’re not excellent with words and have trouble expressing yourself vocally, consider sending her a love letter. Another perfect option is to put sticky notes throughout the home for her to discover during the week. Perhaps you could place one on her bathroom mirror, one in her lunchbox, and one on her center console.

If your love language is gift-giving, you can gift her a new dress, a lingerie set, or even new shoes. Specialty women’s clothing boutiques often hold all three items together so you can hit three birds with one credit card.

But the point here really is to express to your loved one how much you appreciate all she does for you. You know you’ll make her feel cherished and wanted this way.

Show Your Support, through the Good and Bad

Learn to see past her words, behaviors, and emotions to get to the core of the problem. Women fight a daily war against self-esteem, sexuality, and safety from an early age. Women need a secure place where they can trust their partners in light of the disempowering messages directed at them. She wants to believe in your strength. She wants you to think you’re capable of handling anything she shows you.

She wants to know that if she asks for anything risqué, you will not judge her. She wants to know you won’t give up if she instructs you to do it “this way.” You will be allowing her to develop inside your relationship and repair past emotional harm.

Women need males who want the women in their lives to achieve as much as they want to enjoy their success. Men should take the time to identify and appreciate a woman’s qualities and respect her for all she contributes to their partnership. She doesn’t necessarily want someone who has every detail of his life figured out, but she does want someone who has objectives. And for him to be aiming for them. She doesn’t necessarily want someone who tears every day; she wants someone courageous enough to weep in front of her when necessary.

And when it comes to romantic relationships, women want the same things men do—they want them to be different from their last.

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