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Unique Features to Create the Ultimate Bachelor’s Pad

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To create the ultimate bachelor’s pad, you don’t need to stick to the generics. Blacks, whites, and a few other masculine colors aren’t the only ones you should see in a man’s sanctuary. Sleek finishes and industrial-style pieces aren’t must-haves, either. Sure, most men would go for traditional manly styles when furnishing their homes, but if your tastes deviate a little from the usual, then you shouldn’t hold back.

But this isn’t about pleasing others. While we all want our homes to impress, it should make you the happiest at the end of the day. Instead of styling your bachelor’s pad ostentatiously, make it exhibit your personality. And of course, prioritize the practical bits, because the ultimate bachelor’s pad is also safe, secure, and resilient.

That said, steal ideas from these unique bachelor’s pad features, and make your own space a true reflection of yourself:

1. Art Collection

Men can love colorful and fancy pieces too. If your space lacks liveliness, perhaps it’s missing artworks. Bold, statement paintings would look magnificent on walls, especially if it’s in a room with high ceilings. You can also invest in some bespoke furniture and light fixtures. And to really make your pad mimic an art gallery, collect sculptures as well to display on tabletops and bare corners.

2. Vintage Pieces

Even if you have an ultra-modern or contemporary aesthetic, vintage pieces won’t make your pad look dated. In fact, adding vintage items in a room full of modern furnishings will create balance. And that’s the key to increasing the coziness of a space.

Take inspiration from Adam Levine. Before his marriage to Behati Prinsloo, he lived in his Hollywood Hills home, which he furnished with the help of 20th-century design icons. His living room showcased vintage yet trendy furniture, most notably a 1920s Persian area rug.

Entrepreneur Derek Mattison is a fan of vintage classics as well. His pool house boasts a vintage Arne Jacobsen Egg chair, and a Piero Lissoni softwall sofa. You don’t have to splurge on beautiful vintage pieces, but just note that having one for every room will make a big difference.

3. Luxe Finishes

Break the stereotype that men don’t care about the quality of their home furnishings. Instead of going for the usual leather, wood, or steel finishes, level up your game by choosing velvet, faux fur, or other softer materials. These luxe finishes will add more personality and comfort to your home.

4. Outdoor or Natural Elements

We picture a typical bachelor’s pad as a dark and sterile space, with little to no natural elements that bring the outdoors in. While a dark color palette exudes more drama, it can look a little gloomy and dull without a few pops of color here and there.

But some colorful decor can look tacky and awkward in a space. To fix that, just go for whatever nature provides. Fill rooms with indoor plants and natural light. If you have a patio, try to match its theme with your home’s interiors to create an indoor-outdoor-living vibe. And at night, consider installing fun lights that mimic the stars. It’ll make your space resemble a little planetarium.

5. A Space For Your Hobbies

Be it a library, a car junkie’s garage, a music room, or a bar, the ultimate bachelor’s pad has a dedicated space for a man’s hobbies. If you live in a studio apartment, then make the entire space accommodate your hobbies. That way, your small home can allow you to live big.

6. Cool Window Treatments

Try to avoid plain curtains or blinds without any distinct texture. You need a good deal of textures in your space to make everything look a little elevated and cozy.

Consider bamboo blinds, woven shades, or wood blinds. If you prefer drapes, linen sheer curtains look the homeliest. They add visual interest to your walls, or even provide a focal point, particularly if you place a statement piece of furniture against the window.

7. Sturdy Glass Windows

If you plan on having window walls, you need a durable type of window glass. Choose between fully tempered glass and laminated glass. The former is a popular choice of safety glass because it breaks into small granular pieces when shattered, minimizing risks of injury. Laminated glass, on the other hand, is also tempered, but protected by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. The PVB will hold the glass together if it shatters, preventing the shards from falling onto the ground. It also stops objects from darting into your space, should it be the cause of the glass’s breakage.

Consult a window replacement expert to know which type is best for your home. They’d also consider your area’s weather and fire risks while choosing a glass type for you.

With these unique features in your bachelor’s pad, your personal haven would feel cozier, more comfortable, and more you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t follow the traditional manly standards. What’s more important is expressing yourself, your tastes, and your hobbies.

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