Fun Sports Activities You Should Try

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Hanging out with friends is always a welcome way to spend your time whenever you’re free. But if you keep doing the same old boring clubbing or bar getaway, you might as well just spend your nights at home and it wouldn’t be any different. It’s even tougher if you like living an active lifestyle because apart from the usual hiking or swimming, the closest thing you can get to staying active these days is going to the gym or at the park and jogging.

But if you and your friends are feeling more adventurous and up for it, there are actually a lot of fun and quirky sports and leisure activities you can try within the metro.

Bowl Like It’s the 90s

If you’ve lived in the past century, you’ve probably seen a bowling alley construction. Bowling was quite the trend back then and was a common social activity. Fast forward to today, not a lot of people go bowling anymore. Despite this, bowling is still quite the fun activity that merits a try. You can go together with your friends and enjoy a fun and casual get-together. It’s an experience different enough from your usual social gatherings of beer and hanging out, but it’s not as physically exhausting that your body is going to ache terribly the next day.

Try Out Parkour

If you’ve watched any action movie that came out the past few years, you’ve probably seen this growing sport. You know how it looks like: people jump from building to building, run up walls like it’s nothing, and jump over obstacles with ease. While movies make the sport grander than it is, parkour is a safe and instinctive sport that everyone should try at least once in their life.

Many parkour classes are held in safe environments, such as gyms with plyometric floorings. Training outside doesn’t require you to do something as risky as jumping over buildings either. It’s a fun and challenging activity you can try alone and also with friends.


Go Hiking

Many of us have tried climbing a mountain and while not everyone has a great experience doing it, it’s a unique experience nonetheless. Hiking with friends can increase the fun, as you’re going with people you enjoy being with. This removes the monotony of a slow ascent (if you’re not one to enjoy natural sceneries), and the companionship makes it feel less tiring.

Half the fun is preparing for the hike too, as preparing your equipment and making sure you have the right items is an experience on its own. And once you’ve completed the hike, you might just find yourself closer to your friends, especially as it means holding a dear memory with them.

Visit a Trampoline Park

One of the fastest-growing social activities today is trampoline parks. They take us back to our childhood of playing carefree and just enjoying time with our friends. Even as adults, they’re not one less bit fun- after all, jumping around is fun regardless of age. Trampoline parks are now very accessible, making it easy to find one to enjoy with friends. Some even offer fun activities for groups, and they may be worth checking out as they’re developed with team building and cooperation in mind. Don’t be afraid to play like a kid, and just have fun!

Go to an Indoor Batting Cage

Batting cages aren’t just for baseball players practicing their home runs, they’re perfect for friends wanting a different experience than the typical Friday night bonding. They’re a great way to exercise your body, have a bit of fun with friends and maybe even do a little bit of friendly competition on who gets to hit the most home runs. Depending on whether baseball is popular in your area, batting cages can be very accessible and affordable. Consider going to one at your next social gathering, it might just be the experience you’re all looking for.

Roller Rinks are Still Cool

Check out any Instagram influencer’s page, and there’s bound to be a picture of them in a roller rink. The stuff of 90s to early 00s films, going to roller rinks is a low-impact activity you can enjoy with friends. It works out your cardio and coordination, all while being great fun. You can simply skate together, finding out who the best skater in your group is, or you can have a fun dance-off.

Much like bowling, roller rinks are somewhat a thing of the past- making them nostalgic, and by association cool. Some of you might have even visited once in your childhood, and now’s the best time to visit again.

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