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If you want to look good, you have to hit the gym, wear nice clothes, and take care of your skin. People always forget that the most important thing to do is to eat the right food. It’s not just about having the nicest body. It’s about taking care of how you look by eating a balanced diet.

Whole Grain

Are you experiencing weak or thinning hair? Have you noticed a bald spot starting already? Although thinning hair is a natural occurrence for aging people, you can prevent it from happening by eating whole grain. Brown rice is rich in vitamin B and zinc. These reduce the risk of hair fall and thinning hair, as well as prevent the hair from being brittle.


This vegetable is a source of plenty of vitamins and minerals, but it’s best for people with dark circles under the eyes. The main reason for these dark circles is the poor circulation of the blood. Eating spinach will boost blood circulation and strengthen the capabilities of your capillary walls. Try to eat food rich in vitamins K and C. Dark and leafy vegetables have a high amount of these vitamins.

Strawberries, Oranges, and Pineapples

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, which are great for keeping your skin healthy. They can also naturally whiten your teeth since they have malic acid, an enzyme that has bleaching properties. Aside from strawberries, try eating oranges and pineapples, too, because they can increase saliva production, which fights off bacteria in your mouth. Saliva protects your teeth from tooth decay, which is the most common reason for discolored and stained teeth.

If these kinds of food don’t work to whiten your teeth, you have another option. Check out some of the best teeth whitening kits and products in the market. Technology has finally made it possible to bleach your teeth without going to the dentist.


If you have a date this evening, try eating salmon for lunch. Your skin will have a natural rosy glow. Salmon is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. Since your body cannot produce the fatty acid needed for healthy skin cells, you have to eat food rich in them. If you have a problem with skin blemishes, salmon works wonders for that issue, too. It locks up moisture and blocks irritants.



Too much water can sometimes make you feel bloated. It also leads to puffiness around the eyes. But the problem is that water is essential to your health. Now, here’s where watermelon is important. It has a high concentration of water that reduces water retention that leads to a bloated feeling. Compared to other fruits, watermelon is also low in sugar, which you know leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Green Tea

If you’re wondering why Asians look younger than their Western counterparts, it’s because of their affinity for green tea. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Many cosmetic products have green tea in their ingredients because it’s excellent for acne, too. Green tea has so many benefits but for the skin, it is bar-none the best tea to drink. You can even put the green bags under your eyes to remove the black circles and puffiness there.


Like many fruits, tomatoes are rich in antioxidants that can protect your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. In a study, participants who took five tablespoons of tomato paste a day showed a significantly higher amount of protection against sunburn compared to the group that did not eat tomatoes. Aside from that, you can put crushed tomatoes on your face for a rosy glow and a more supple look.


Do you suffer from cracked and flaky lips? That’s because of vitamin B deficiency. Yogurt and oatmeal are rich sources of vitamin B. Increase your intake of them. You can even combine them to make a smoothie. This will help hydrate your lips and prevent them from getting chapped and flaky.


Pale skin is caused by deficiencies in iron and vitamin B12. You could also be anemic, so make sure to check with your doctor about iron supplements. If you want to add a bit of color to your skin—as you surely do—increase your intake of seafood such as oysters and shrimps. These contain high levels of vitamin B12 and iron.

Looking good is more than just about what cosmetics and skincare products you put on your skin. It’s more about what you intake. Keep a healthy and balanced diet to make yourself look young and supple.

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