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Please Start Noticing These Red Flags in Dating!

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Love is the greatest thing in the world; it makes us feel warm, fills us with happiness, and makes the world more colorful. And it comes to no surprise that many of us go on our fair share of dates, testing the waters and relationships. We all crave to love and be loved; that’s just instinct doing its thing!

However, for all you guys and gals currently in a relationship that’s not been going well for some time, you might need to take a step back. While we do applaud people who do their best to better themselves and compromise, can you say the same for your significant other? Or have you been turning a blind eye to all the mishaps and problems they’ve been causing?

Today’s discussion will revolve around the red flags in dating that you need to start noticing. And we’re going to find out whether it is a relationship worth saving or a tad bit too toxic.

#1 Constant Jealousy

Does your partner always doubt the people you’re with, check your phone without permission, and feel jealous always? And has it been going on for quite some time even after you’ve pointed it out and explained everything? Well, if that’s the case, then you might need to start rethinking where the relationship is headed.

Constant jealousy is a telltale red flag in dating, and as much as possible, you’ll want to distance yourself from individuals who need to work out their chinks first. Jealousy is never conducive to having a healthy relationship, and here’s why:

  • Zero Trust: Relationships are built on trust, and when your significant other is always jealous, this shows that they have zero confidence in you. They can never leave you alone and are always second-guessing, which is a recipe for disaster!
  • Leads to Arguments: If the emotions brought about it weren’t enough, jealousy also leads to heated arguments and fights. Sure, we’re all for healthy discourse and settling differences, but that’s not what envy creates.

#2 Makes You Feel Bad

You are a KING/QUEEN in your own right and never let anyone else tell you otherwise, especially your significant other! Love is meant to support, reaffirm, teach, and understand one another. It’s there to help both of you grow into better people and help you learn a little more about yourself that you didn’t know.

So if your significant other always makes you feel bad or stupid about the things you do, then we strongly urge you to step out of that toxicity. You don’t deserve to be with someone who doesn’t support you and sees the beauty you hold. You’re better off without this person!

#3 Downright Manipulative

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Have you ever been dealt with any of these lines? Or anything similar?

“That’s okay. I understand if you leave me, no one could ever love me.”

“I get it. I’m a failure. You’re better off with someone else.”

“I know I messed up big time. I should disappear.”

If the answer is yes, you’re dealing with a downright manipulative person, which is a major red flag as they’ll always try to control you. Plenty of people fall for this trick, but they’re using your emotions against you and forcing you to make not so smart decisions:

  • Always the Victim: Manipulative people play the victim in every argument, problem, and issue faced in a relationship. They make it seem that they’re the ones hurt most and shift the blame. In doing so, they never face their shortcomings or ever try to grow; they’ll keep dumping emotional burden right back on you.
  • Emotional Blackmailing: Another scary thing manipulative people do is threaten you that they’ll hurt themselves and blame you. This is a prime example of emotional blackmailing, and they’re making you feel responsible for all the pain and suffering they’ll go through. And if you’re struggling with this type of person, our advice is to call it off because that’s going to hurt you more in the long-term.

#4 Refuses to Get Along With Friends and Family

Last but not least, if they don’t even try to get along with your family and friends, then they might not just be the right one for you. If your current relationship means anything to your significant other, then they’ll try their best to make it work out no matter how challenging it might seem. It’s the fact that they gave an effort that should stand out most, and the lack of that shows zero commitment. How will you be in a happy relationship with a person who can’t get along with your closest buddies and family?

You Deserve Better

Dating is supposed to be fun like long walks on the beach, testing headstalls for horseback riding, cozy movie nights, and more. And while fairy tale standards might be unreal, that doesn’t mean we can’t try, be happy, and have a healthy relationship.

What we want you to take away from this is that you deserve better, and if you’re in a relationship with all these red flags waving like crazy, then do yourself the favor of breaking it off. Sure, we can’t expect the perfect person to come walking around the corner and into our lives, but we should never place ourselves in anything toxic.

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