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Traveling with an Empty Stomach: Where Are Good Places to Go?

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Let’s face it: travelling has been considered a luxury for many individuals in the past year. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes to society, especially when it comes to travelling. But compared to last year, where restrictions for safety and health were quite strict, most countries are now on track towards a normal life. The recent rollout of vaccines means that many tourists and travellers that are just stuck at home can now travel to different places of the world.

Now that many avid travellers and tourists can travel towards new destinations and form new experiences, food tourism and much of the industry have been doing everything in their power to bounce back from the global economic recession.

Travelling and food tourism are closely intertwined with each other. If you plan on experiencing different cultures, food will always be the gateway towards experiencing that culture. Want to delve deeper into a certain culture? Food is one of the best ways of getting invested in learning more about a culture. Not only are you forming new experiences with food, but it’s also known for bringing good friends together and meeting new individuals.

So where should you be going? What are some safe places that you can go to? Here’s what you’ll need to know.


It goes without saying that Singapore is known for being one of the melting pots of cuisines in Southeast Asia. The fact that there are many individuals from different walks of life and different cultures across Asia makes it one of the economic hubs in the region. The booming economy of Singapore has led it in becoming one of the best travel destinations that you should be sinking your teeth into.

Singapore laksa

Whether it’s getting some street food when you’re out and about, hearty comfort food from different food districts, and luxurious gourmet food from high-end dining districts reserved for elites, there’s no limit on what you can have in Singapore.

If you’re looking at starting your food-travelling journey for Asia and want to start teasing your palate with a melting pot of cuisines, you might want to consider starting in Singapore. Changi Airport is known for being a gateway towards different parts of the city-state. Not only does the airport sport a variety of memorable and eye-catching attractions and shopping centres, but they’re also known for their airport dining venues. Remember: you want to make your dining experience as memorable as possible, which is the best place to start.

Bangkok, Thailand

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Thailand should be on the bucket list of countries that you’ll need to visit if you’re really into the cuisine. Thai food is known for being a rainbow of flavours and is known for being “exotic.” Trying authentic Thai dishes won’t be complete if you weren’t eating it at a night market in Thailand or through street vendors.

For many Thai cuisines, Bangkok should be your go-to place since it’s known for specializing in street food and various food tours. In fact, a good percent of the restaurants in Bangkok have Michelin stars. If you want an even more memorable experience, you might want to consider going to floating markets known for their hearty and delicious seafood and fresh catch.

In the past few years, many stalls have been popping up across the city. Not only will you be able to eat Thai cuisine through these stalls, but there is a variety of other Indo-Chinese and Chinese dishes that you can enjoy. One of the most convenient things about the city is that no matter where you are residing, for the time being, there’s bound to be a stall that’s just a few meters away. Not only is the food cheap, but you’ll get the back for your buck when they’re incredibly delicious.


eating sushi

Last but not least, Japan is known for being one of the unique destinations out there. Japan prides itself on having a bustling food industry, and thousands of restaurants around the country make their own unique and memorable dishes.

The beauty of travelling to Japan is that every bite is an adventure in itself. Whether you’re having seafood, a bowl of ramen, or some hot-off-the-kitchen gyoza, you definitely won’t go hungry in Japan from all the good food there is.

Wherever you might be going, food will always be an integral part of your journeys. There are so many colourful cuisines worldwide, and the last thing you want to do is leave a country without pleasing your palate first. Remember: you can’t experience the world on an empty stomach!

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that many countries are still facing lockdowns. Although we are now at the tail-end of the pandemic, it’s still best to exercise a good deal of caution when you are travelling. After all, safety and security should be your priority in these types of situations.

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