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Giving Your Home Gym a Commercial-Grade Renovation

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With more than a year into quarantine, you have more or less settled in the new normal setup. This includes having your cardio and strength training sessions at home. As most gyms are still closed, getting your own space where you can perform exercises even without equipment can give you the workout you need.  But with having spent so many gym days at home, most people have realized that performing fitness routines at home is actually better because it’s free, you have your own private space, and you do not have to commute to the nearest gym. If you’re planning on building a permanent gym at home, the following are some ideas to get you started.

Audio System

Though not directly related to fitness, music can indirectly help you experience better workouts by pumping you up. Outfitting your home gym with an audio system can help you enjoy your workouts more, as it allows you to listen to your favorite tunes and make dull workout sessions livelier. It works unconsciously by motivating you to work harder and in perfect sync with the beat.


Since you will not have the physical presence of a gym instructor with you, you will not have someone to correct your posture. A way around this is to install a mirror on one side of your home gym that’s not necessarily large enough to occupy the whole space but just big enough that you can check and correct your body posture.

Optimum Lighting

Having your own gym means that you will also be dealing with large and heavy equipment, which, when handled improperly, can inflict serious damage. To avoid such situations from happening, handling equipment with the right tools and using bright lighting can help you have a safe gym environment. With proper lighting, you will be able to clearly see the equipment you need.

Mats and Floor Protectors

As mentioned above, having your home gym means having large and heavy equipment. You’ll more or less be left with damaged floors since home surfaces aren’t built to handle such equipment. To protect your floors from cracks and scratches, you should use floor guards and thick mats to serve as cushion between your equipment and flooring. Some mats are also soundproof, so no matter how intense your workout gets, you can still maintain a quiet atmosphere.

Mini Refrigerator or Cooler

For added practicality, you can add a mini refrigerator in your home gym so that you do not have to leave the room to get refreshments. Besides helping keep you hydrated, having a cooler or a refrigerator in your personal gym will also give you the space you need to store your healthy meals or snacks, letting you enjoy nourishing food before or after your workouts.

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Dumbbell Rack

To complete the look of your home gym, you will also need to invest in accessories and equipment. Gym accessories help enhance your workouts, and keeping them in great condition is how you’ll be able to use them for longer. To help keep your accessories in optimum shape, having a rack for your dumbbells and barbels will keep them out of the way and protect them from wear and tear. Placing a cabinet for your gym shoes, towels, and other workout accessories, such as jumping ropes, resistance bands, and kettlebells, will give you an organized area, so you can easily find the things you need during your gym days.

Exercise Equipment

Investing in large-scale exercise equipment will also be a way for you to experience more effective training sessions. Having equipment like treadmills, elliptical machines, and rowing machines will let you experience a complete workout that can enhance your strength and tone the different muscle groups in your body. Since some of this equipment is electric powered, you can look at services offering solar installations for residential settings. You’ll not only be able to maintain a low electric bill, but you’ll also get to do your part in saving the planet by using sustainable power sources during your workout sessions.

Exercise Mat

Some surfaces in your home are not built for physical fitness exercises. By not working in an ideal environment, you can get yourself into accidents. Routines, such as situps, leg raises, and donkey kicks, require you to use the floor. However, when these are performed on hard surfaces, you can sustain scratches and bruises. To prevent this from happening, using an exercise mat for these exercises will let you have the core, hips, and glutes workout that you need without the danger of having injuries.

In Sum

Your safety should be your priority when putting together your home gym. By using the right exercise equipment, you’ll be able to have peace of mind and achieve the strong and well-toned physique you are hoping for.

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