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Changes in the Party World: Planning Your First Post-Pandemic Gathering

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Now that vaccines are readily accessible and the rate of COVID-19 cases is reducing, the party-hungry in us starts to yearn to go out and socialize after months of isolation. Although some individuals are still apprehensive of physical contact until after we reach the herd of immunity, a more significant number of people are eager to jump in, rub shoulders, and toast one another with enthusiasm. But as we familiarize ourselves with the long-forgotten skill of party planning, we wonder what post-pandemic entertainment will look like?

According to data, 66% of adult Americans have already begun socializing with others in the past few weeks. In comparison, 30% prefer getting vaccinated first, and another 21% saying they are putting it on hold first until authorities say it’s safe. Moreover, reports also show that 25% of Americans wish to host post-pandemic dinner parties in their homes.

Although more and more individuals are eager to party, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a more intimate and small gathering to prevent the spread of the virus and its variants.

Size matters: The smaller, the better.

At least for the time being. At present, there is a growing demand for more personal and intimate parties. The best part of small events is that it allows you have a more meaningful gathering, enabling you to interact and give more time, space, and attention to details in stitching the plan. Of course, having fewer people does not imply that you have to forego elegance or refinement in the process.

Now more than ever, humans learned to value togetherness as socializing has grown more personal. One perk of intimate gatherings is that everything you put together, from the centerpiece to the smallest detail available, gets to be appreciated. The tiny pieces are emphasized since the process of putting everything together is a genuine joy.

It’s time to throw a party in the great outdoors.

Alfresco dining makes your guests feel more at home and encourages them to relax. The open area and distance will also make them feel safe while still enjoying the company of others. Remember to inform your visitors in advance so that they are aware of what is about to happen.

If you are planning a summer party at home, ensure that there are plenty of gorgeous shades and refreshments available to help your guests with the heat and, at the same time, add to the party’s aesthetic. Remind yourself to mow those grasses and pull out those undesirable weeds at least two weeks before the event. Installing gorgeous garden lighting and hiring a local swimming pool contractor may also help you create a peaceful paradise in your backyard, which will be great for your guests to unwind in after their meal.

Of course, outdoor parties do not mean you have to confine yourself to your garden or patio alone. If you want a new environment or get away from your home for at least a few hours, consider moving to campgrounds, recreational parks, or a nearby flower farm, anywhere fresh and exciting. On that note, you should also consider where you place the seating. It is recommended that tablets be at least one meter apart, following the pandemic guidelines.

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Taking into account the number of people attending the party

You likely have a long list of individuals you’d like to see and hang out with now that this pandemic is almost over and the quarantines are gradually easing. The concern for many is the size of the celebration. A large gathering is perfectly acceptable for others, while an intimate one may be far more pleasurable for the rest.

As you proceed through most of the decision-making phase, consider what you will benefit from this experience. Broadly speaking, the larger the party, the increasing chance it is to succeed; however, the more effort and time you spend planning it, the more expensive it becomes, and you will likely spend more sleepless nights making sure things are running smoothly, safety protocols are followed, and things are going according to plan instead of simply enjoying yourself.

Moreover, anxiety and thrill are not tantamount to one another. Although we may look forward to seeing our family and friends, some of us may also feel a bit worried and nervous. In these cases, we may construct our own social framework by restricting the number of invites or requesting visitors to sanitize or wash their hands before welcoming them. 

Of course, while organizing your post-pandemic celebration, there are a lot of additional factors you need to think about and consider. Don’t rush things, and remember to plan carefully. Remember that getting reacquainted with the outside world isn’t a race, and starting somewhere is good enough.

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