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Men Need It Too: A Guide to Self-Care for Men

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When you hear self-care, what do you imagine? Bathtubs, candles, and painting nails, right? However, in these images, it’s usually a woman getting pampered. What about men? They need it too.

Regardless of gender, people all get tired and worry about things. Many get lower back pains, stress, and headaches. In short, you need some love and care. It’s nice that more and more people realize that.

Thinking that men should always be tough and strong is a thing of the past. With that, self-care for men is no different from self-care for women. Anything that makes you feel healthy and happy is a form of self-care. With that said, here are ways men can take care of themselves:

1. Spend Some Time in Nature

Research shows that spending some time in nature affects people’s mental and physical health. Go for a 20-minute walk outside before your work. Bring your pet dog with you. Get into gardening or exercising outdoors. Being connected with nature reduces stress levels. It makes you feel more relaxed because it reduces anxiety and negative emotions. You don’t need to go out to enjoy nature. You can sit by the window looking out at trees and plants.

2. Spend Some Alone Time

Allot space in your schedule for some alone time. You don’t need to do anything concrete with this. You can take a long shower or read a book. Listen to a podcast about car or motorcycle repair. Suppose you feel like your home needs a bit of updating. Finding new furniture can count as much-needed alone time. If that’s the case, invest in new furniture like a massage chair from retailers like OSIM or get some weighted blankets for your bedroom to help you sleep at night. They will also make your naps more comfortable and cozy. Play your favorite video game or cook your favorite meal.

There is no rule for alone time except that, well, you have to be alone. It helps you reconnect with yourself and regain your energy.

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3. Work Out Regularly

Self-care doesn’t have to be grand. It can be anything that you do daily. Regular exercise is one of them. Working out doesn’t only take you closer to your fitness goals. It also has lasting benefits for your mental well-being, develops your self-esteem, helps with memory retention, and slows down health decline due to age.

When creating an exercise routine, it is essential to keep sustainability in mind. Find something that you can do for the rest of your life. It should be something that you enjoy doing. It can be swimming, tennis, or weightlifting—as long as you have fun doing it.

4. Keep a Journal

Journals and planners are not only helpful in tracking work progress. They can also be a tool for self-development. Get into the habit of writing down your thoughts and emotions. When you write, feel free to write whatever. No one will judge you. Only you will be able to read it anyway.

If you feel happy, sad, or confused, get your journal. Writing things down helps you organize your thoughts. It enables you to let out the things that you cannot say out loud. Journaling doesn’t have to be organized. Your journal will gladly welcome any amount of brain dump.

5. Meditate

They say the best time for rest is when you don’t have time for it. The same is true for meditation. When your schedule gets so busy, that’s the cue you take some quiet time. You might think that is counterproductive. In reality, it’s quite the opposite.

When you think a lot, your mind gets clouded. Stress adds to that. Meditation helps you clear your mind. A clear mind makes better and wiser decisions. Do yourself a favor and have regular meditation sessions. It doesn’t even have to be long. Even five minutes will be enough. Practice this often, and you will reap the long-term benefits soon enough.

6. Plan a Guys’ Day

Spend some time alone, but also spend some time with others. Schedule a night or day with your friends to do something you all like. Go on a weekend trip, play some golf, or visit a memorable place. You are lucky if you have low-maintenance friends. But don’t forget to also spend some time with them. It’s easy to get drowned in personal and work responsibilities. Take some time to pause and reconnect with people you love.

7. Get a New Haircut

When you look good, you feel good. Schedule an appointment with your favorite barber. This is one of the simplest ways to practice self-care.

As you can see, self-care is not complicated. It’s all about doing things that make you happy and healthy. Now, what is stopping you from giving yourself the love and care you deserve? Go get your calendar and start scheduling your self-care sessions.

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