Travel Habits that Men Should Drop Right Now

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Setting aside stereotypes, men and women have differing travel habits. Of course, these characteristics won’t apply to everyone, but it is no secret that the two sexes have major differences in their travel.

With that in mind, both groups have bad travel habits that they are guilty of, and some habits might even overlap. In this article, we will be talking about the bad travel habits that the consensus of men can admit to most of the time—and why you should drop them ASAP.

  1. Packing at the last minute

Although everyone has their own style of packing, surveys show that most men tend to pack at the last minute as opposed to women who typically pack ahead of time. As a result, men usually pack less (which can be a good thing), but if you are not a great packer, packing hours before your trip can have you forgetting important things at home.

If you haven’t had a problem with this habit yet, then you might be a great packer. But if you are constantly forgetting things and end up having to buy them at your destination, then it’s time to adopt a habit of packing at least a few days before your trip rather than packing at the last minute.

  1. Not paying attention to skincare

It’s 2021—men should be paying more attention to their skin just as much as women do. Although male skin tends to be less prone to dry skin, it tends to produce more oil, which can cause excessive oiliness. More than that, regular shaving causes stress to the skin, which can lead to razor bumps, acne, irritation, among other problems.

Also, traveling can put additional strain on the skin due to cabin pressure, air pollution, and stress, aside from other factors. For these reasons, make it a habit to cleanse your skin regularly, apply after-shave care products, use moisturizer, and use the best makeup for acne (if you wear makeup and are prone to breakouts)—especially while traveling.


  1. Checking emails frequently

Study shows that men tend to check their emails while on vacation than women do—43% of men compared to 28% of women, whereas women typically check their social media profiles more often than men—69% versus 53%.

Both of these habits are not very ideal while on a trip. Checking emails may be necessary, but reminding yourself of work too often can defeat the purpose of going on vacation. On the other hand, going on social media frequently can hinder you from being “in the now.”

The best solution? Put your phone down as much as possible. Ignore it if you can. Focus on what you’re doing at present and enjoy the trip—you can deal with your work emails, your Instagram feed, and your Facebook chats later.

  1. Being too cheap

The International Currency Exchange (ICE) survey shows that men spend less on travel than women. Men are also more likely to save money for a trip, while women are more likely to take out a loan to pay for travel expenses.

While spending less can be a positive thing, some men pinch pennies just a little too much. This may not be a problem if you are traveling alone, but it can become an issue if you are traveling with other people, especially if it is a romantic partner.

If this sounds like you, it may be time to start rethinking your spending habits while traveling. You certainly don’t need to go overboard with the expenses, but spending too little can reduce the quality of your trip altogether. The key is, therefore, to find a good balance. Stick to a good budget, but don’t overly compromise to the point that you are defeating the purpose of having what is supposed to be a fun and relaxing vacation.

  1. Traveling without a plan

Many men are notorious for just going with the flow while on vacation, letting partners decide on what to do for the whole trip. Not only is this habit annoying for the other person, but it can show that you’re not really putting much effort into it.

If you are guilty of this habit, at least read the itinerary and prepare for it. And if there are certain things that you want to do, let your partner know in advance instead of telling them while you’re already at the hotel.

Not all men are guilty of these habits, but many studies and surveys show that men are more likely to do these things than women. If these habits apply to you, it is time to kick them to the curb and become better travelers ASAP.

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