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Staying in Shape While on the Road

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Let’s be honest; our fitness habits tend to fly out the window when we travel. While you are on the road, every day automatically seems like a “cheat day” when it comes to staying fit. Furthermore, it can really be a headache wrestling the idea of whether to pack trainers and gym clothes for your vacation.

For some who are motivated to stay in shape while on the road, staying motivated might be tough. With your favourite gym far away, the initial eagerness would soon wane. But do not overthink. You can still stay fit and healthy while travelling without even hitting the gym.

There are plenty of options available, from online fitness classes to taking advantage of local parks and trail paths. While going on a holiday means taking a break from work and other responsibilities, it does not mean you should make it an excuse to forget your fitness regimen.

So, here are 9 tips to stay fit and healthy while travelling.

#1 Eat a Big Healthy Breakfast Every Day

A hearty big and healthy breakfast helps you stay fuelled with energy throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism pumping. And the best thing about breakfast while travelling? It is usually free. Take advantage of the breakfast buffets or meals where you are staying. Load up on protein, carbs, fibre, and sugar.

#2 Drink Tons of Water

Keep your body hydrated and balanced by drinking the recommended amount of water each day. Water is pretty much cheap anywhere you go. And you could also opt to use self-filtering water bottles when travelling somewhere remote.

Drinking enough water has a lot of benefits. The most evident ones are:

  • It keeps you from drying out.
  • It prevents you from feeling lightheaded.
  • It fills you up whenever you feel slightly hungry.

#3 Get at Least 8 Hours of Sleep

There are many wonders of sleep. And who does not enjoy sleeping, right? Sleeping helps your body recharge so that you will have enough energy to do any physical activity the next day. While you are sleeping, your body releases hormones that promote body repair and growth.

#4 Walk Instead of Ride

Instead of booking Uber or hailing a taxi to get somewhere, why not check Google maps and see how far exactly your destination is. If it is within walking distance, walk to get there instead. And while you are walking, flex those muscles. Tighten your glutes and flex your abs to feel them burning as you walk.

#5 Take the Stairs

Climbing the stairs is a great cardiovascular and strength exercise. You can do this activity outside or inside. When you are staying at a hotel or renting an Airbnb condo unit, why not take the stairs instead of the elevator? Run up and down to tighten your buns!

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#6 Join Local Activities

Do you love dancing or want to learn martial arts? Consider joining local dance classes or enroll in martial arts. Not only are these activities a form of exercise to keep you fit and healthy, but it helps enrich your cultural experience while you are travelling.

#7 Take Advantage of Gym Amenity

Some hotels have gyms, so take advantage of this and work out whenever possible. But if the place you are staying does not have that kind of amenity, you can always do your workout in the comfort of your room. There are plenty of exercise routines you can find on the internet. Most are free.

#8 Engage in Watersports

While laying on the beach relaxing sounds like a lovely idea, why not raise your game and engage in physical water sports? Activities like paddleboarding, rafting, swimming, and diving can get your metabolism and muscles pumping. Plus, these activities are fun.

#9 Rent a Bicycle to Get Around

If you are staying in a relatively small and laidback town for your entire vacation or business trip, consider using a bicycle to get around. Not only is it easy, cheap, and convenient, but it can help you stay fit while enjoying the sights in the locality. Some accommodations offer bicycle rentals, or they can help you find one.

There are other ways to stay fit & healthy while you are on vacation. Keep in mind, though, that exercise should help you relax, not stress you out. So, do not worry too much about working out. Just enjoy it. If fitness is your lifelong passion, you may even take this opportunity to get fitness education classes so you can actually get certified while on the road and be able to teach fitness classes when you get back home.

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