Should You Go Home When a Storm Hits During a Trip?

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If you and your beau have been looking forward to your next trip, have you checked the weather forecast before booking? If you’re too stoked that you forgot, maybe you have to take extra precaution, because a storm may hit while you’re in the middle of a romantic escapade.

But bad weather doesn’t have to ruin the fun. Here’s what to do when a storm strikes while you’re traveling:

When a Storm is About to Hit Your Destination

If you’ve already arrived and you just found out that a storm is expected, leaving immediately is advised. Follow the local authorities if evacuation directions are implemented. But before leaving the hotel, ask if it’s possible to re-book your stay if your flight home will be canceled. Be prepared to sleep in the airport if the hotel can’t let you return!

Note that it’s crucial to leave a place days before the storm hits, and not on the day it’s expected to occur. Leaving earlier gets you more chances of booking flights back home. On the other hand, flights are most likely to be canceled when the storm is already approaching.

While on your way to the airport, stop by a grocery or supplies store to buy flashlights, extra batteries, blankets, food, and water. Accommodations in hurricane-prone areas usually provide those for their guests, but if yours doesn’t, then at least, you’d be equipped. They will be helpful just in case you got stuck somewhere along the way.

When You Get Stranded

Aside from stocking up on the essentials, immediately let someone know that you’re stranded. If you expect to be stuck for a couple of days, call your employer to notify them of your situation. And even if you’re not alone, it’s still important to maintain constant communication with your friends and family at home, because you may need their help if an emergency occurs.

Having your bags always packed is also advised so that you’d be ready to leave immediately.

How to Have Fun

playing board game

It’s undeniably disappointing to have your trip interrupted, but you don’t have to stop the fun because of it.

You and your partner can play board games, card games, and engage in deep conversations to pass the time. If they get moody, try not to get swayed by their behavior. It’s normal to feel down when everything you’ve planned for gets ruined.

If they call you out for planning the trip poorly, don’t aggravate the situation, and focus on finding a solution, instead. Suggest using travel and planning apps so that you’d avoid booking trips on stormy days moving forward.

And if your partner’s grumpiness is hunger-induced, have snacks delivered at your accommodation to keep their stomachs full. Or better yet, pack lots of food even before leaving home.

Going Back Home

If the storm has also hit your hometown, expect to see some ruin back in your place. Cars and other metal surfaces may have suffered dents due to hail. If that’s the case, call in an expert who repairs damage caused by hailstorms, and have your auto restored flawlessly.

Practice caution as you clean up. It may be stressful to deal with the mess after being stranded, but use the time to bond with your partner, and focus on the good it brings, which is getting to know one another more deeply. After all, you only get to know someone when you travel with them, so consider the disaster as a valuable lesson.

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