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S.O. Moving in with You? Here Are Home Changes to Expect

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Sharing a home with your significant other is often a big step in any relationship. Moving in together brings about many changes in a relationship, both good and bad. But just like any other significant part of life, we’re willing to take the risk if it means a chance at long-term happiness.

Even if you spend most days with your significant other, it’s not the same as actually living together, co-habiting, sharing space, or whatever else you want to call it. That said, it’s a big step that requires a lot of thinking beforehand, and definitely not something you want to do on a whim in case you’re not ready.

So if your partner is moving in with you, here are some changes you can expect to happen in what used to be your solo abode:

You might have to accommodate their taste and style

Your partner has their own sense of style and preferences when it comes to designing their space. And unless both of you have the same tastes, then you’re going to have to accommodate the way they want to design their home. Changes can be as big as a bathroom renovation or kitchen overhaul, but it’s usually about the decorations and furnishings. Keep in mind that they are the ones adjusting to a new place by moving in with you, so be open-minded when they want to change some things about the place to make it feel like their own as well.

You have someone to share the housework with

Sharing a home with your S.O. means that you now have someone to share the housework with, but this can be either a good or bad thing.

You’re likely going to learn more about your partner when they move in with you, especially when it comes to managing a household. If you’re lucky, you won’t have problems when it comes to dividing housework between the two of you. But if you’re not-so-lucky, your partner will have trouble pulling their weight, leaving you to do most of the work. And even if you were used to doing chores when you lived alone, this time, you’re doing the chores for two people instead of one (twice the laundry, twice the dishes, twice the dirt!)

It’s best to talk about the division of household chores right after you move in together. In this way, you can set expectations early on and ensure that both of you are on the same page when it comes to housework.

Storage space is going to decrease

couple moving togetherAnother person will be moving in with you, so you have to anticipate how much stuff they’re going to bring so that you can strategize your storage plan accordingly. If you have limited storage space as it is, it might be time to de-clutter to make room for your S.O.’s belongings. Alternatively, you can re-organize your storage areas so that both of your stuff will fit in the available space.

Food shopping and meal planning will change

Another significant change that can occur when you move in together involves your food habits, particularly what and how much food that both of you eat. This means that meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking will change from a household management perspective. You’re going to have to buy more food, obviously, but you’re also going to have to come up with a meal plan that works for you both, and this is usually the tricky part, especially if you have differing diets.

To overcome this challenge, sit down with your partner and list down food that you can share, the food that only your S.O. can eat, and the food that you eat that they don’t like. Just because you share a roof doesn’t mean you have to share the same meal every day. To avoid future arguments when it comes to food, it’s best to meet in the middle and continue eating what each of you likes on their own.

It’s going to be harder to get some private time

When you lived alone, you could have all the private me-time you needed. But now that you’re sharing a home with your partner, expect that it’s going to be a bit harder to get some time to yourself.

Everyone needs some time to themselves sometimes, which is one reason why communication becomes more important when you’re finally living together. If either of you needs some alone time, communicate it to the other partner so that no one feels upset or pushed away.

Living together with your S.O. can be fun and exciting. However, the adjustment period is not easy for everyone, especially if you’re used to living independently. Thus, here are the home changes you can anticipate before your partner moves in with you. Even if it feels all too new at first, rest assured that you will get used to it soon enough.

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