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Living the Good Life: Golden Rules to Remember

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Everyone may have a different definition of a ‘good life,’ but to improve life, focusing on one principle at a time until you understand each one to a deeper level is the key to succeeding. Don’t wish for your destination to arrive sooner. Instead, forego the journey one step a time.

Whatever your definition of a good life may be, here are the following golden rules you should remember to achieve optimal health and happiness — allowing you to live a ‘good’ life long-term.

Be a Responsible Human Being

Only a handful of people are willing to hold themselves accountable for the errors that happen in life. Instead, they tend to impose these issues on other people, complaining of circumstances that they cannot control. However, if you truly want to live a ‘good life,’ be a responsible human being. You can start by planting trees and flowers. However, if you don’t know how to, seek the help of a commercial lawn and landscaping service company.

Be Kind To Others

Showing kindness toward others is an excellent habit to have, supporting and reinforcing the quests for the ‘good life.’ Helping those in need bestows a sense of satisfaction with two beneficiaries — the giver and the receiver. Although most religions speak of an obligation to offer kindness toward others, these needs are often advocated as an investment toward future salvation.

However, that’s not the case for ancient Greek who saw kindness through the lens of reason, emphasizing the positive impact of acts of kindness to both the receiver and giver. In essence, kindness tends to return to those who do kind deeds.

Only Worry About Things Under Your Control

The key to resisting hardships and discord that intrude upon every human is cultivating a particular attitude on the adversity between things people can control compared to those beyond a person’s capacity to manage. For instance, a misguided investor who lost his money may not recover his fortune, but they can resist the tendency of engaging in self-torment. In other words, while people can’t control the outcomes they seek in life, anybody can control their responses to these results, and herein lies the potential for a life that’s both fulfilled and happy.

Treasure Friendship

Friendship is one of the most significant treasures that you should always nurture and maintain throughout your life, serving as a reciprocal attachment filling the need for affiliation. After all, you can’t acquire it in the marketplace — you need to make an effort, nurture and treasure relations imbued and amity.

A unique characteristic of humanity is an in-depth social instinct, the need for association and affiliation with others — a ‘need’ for friendship. Gods and animals don’t have that kind of requirement, but for humans, it’s an indispensable act of life worth living because you can’t say you have a complete human identity without the associative bonds named friendship. Plus, no amount of money, popularity, or power can compensate for a life devoid of real friends.

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Master Yourself

One concrete tie between ancient and modern times is the idea that personal freedom is a desirable state and one of life’s best blessings. Resisting any external forces that may delimit thoughts and actions, avoiding deceiving yourself, and believing what’s useful and convenient helps you subdue adverse psychological and spiritual forces precluding a healthy existence. In essence, self-mastery requires ruthless candor.

Seek to Experience True Pleasure

The best way to ensure you’re living a ‘good’ life is by continuously seeking to experience ‘genuine pleasure’ while keeping your life simple. In its many shapes and forms, pleasure is what every person is usually after, serving as the ‘chief good’ of life.

However, remember that not all pleasures are alike. Some are kinetic or shallow and fade as soon as it starts, and some are deep and prolonged, lasting longer — or even a lifetime.

Everyone wants to live a good life but nobody, but living a ‘good life’ is subjective, varying per person. However, regardless of your definition of a great life, remembering the golden rules mentioned gives you a great kick start — helping you achieve a healthier, happier, and fruitful life.

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