Is Clutter Holding You Back? Let Go of Clutter to Clear Your Head

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Keeping your home neat and proper can be a daunting task if you own a lot of things and live a busy life. It may seem like projecting or procrastinating, but clutter is known to negatively affect your health. There are two kinds of clutter in your life: emotional and physical. Emotional clutter is the result of painful moments of the past or thoughts that you cannot shake. Meanwhile, physical clutter constitutes the mess in your own home that you cannot seem to control.

However, in reality, you have control over what stays in your home and how it is organized. It might take a lot of work to get the clutter out, but it will be worth it. Taking the first steps is the toughest part. Once you get the hang of it, you should have command over your physical clutter in no time.

To-do Lists and Burnouts

Cleaning up your home takes time. It may be a lot easier to postpone it, except that it can actually be more daunting if you keep delaying it. Your to-do list will just keep getting longer the more housekeeping gets put off. Eventually, you will have too many things to work on, and you will burn out.

You could try to work on them when you feel you are most productive, but you probably want to use that time for something more important. For instance, you probably have work to catch up on or a project you really want to start. At the same time, you might find it difficult and distracting to multi-task. The best foot forward should be directed toward putting away the clutter as you go about your day. It will only take a few seconds if you are working on it while you are already in the position. You will no longer need to convince yourself to do it later because you would have finished the task earlier. It is a more efficient way of accomplishing what you need to do. This way, you can focus on that big project or any backlogs you may have. In short, you will be more productive without clutter.

The Environment on Your Mental Health

Clutter affects how you feel and think. It is known to encourage depressive episodes, anxiety, and stress. The mess deviates your focus from what you need to look at because there are too many things around you. Moreover, the untidiness is heightened when your home is not suited for easy cleanup. As a result, it will require more effort for a housekeeper or yourself to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Try searching for an interior design that can optimize your environment for easy cleanup and focus. A heuristic way of living can really ameliorate your rate of tidying up the place without having to conjure up the effort or writing out a long to-do list. Again, you will have more free time once you get into the habit, and a change in your surroundings can encourage that behavior. This is because you will be determined to maintain the new look of your home. At the same time, if you can figure out which layout works for you, you can save money on hiring housekeeping services.

Costs of Acquiring Clutter

At first, it may seem ideal to own something that you need for a certain activity. For example, it is nice to own your own skis, but where do you think you will be able to keep them in your home? Are you willing to invest in mounts to keep them on the wall? It costs a lot of money to get the clutter and to hold on to the clutter. You are renting valuable space. Owning something that you will only use once in a while is a financial burden even when it is not being used.

Rather than taking up space, you could just rent skis. The money you will save can be used for an emergency fund or a retirement fund that everyone badly needs. You also will not be burdened by a pair of skis in your living room or garage. It is time to pare down your belongings and prioritize what matters most.

Not everyone finds it easy to let go of their belongings. They have sentimental value, and they can also help keep you sane in your safe space. However, you need to take action when they start to hold you back and prevent you from doing what you really want to do.

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