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Is It Possible to Live a Good Life While There Is an Ongoing Crisis?

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People have different meanings when asked what a good life is. Others will say a good life meant having a healthy and happy life. Some will say it means having no worries, especially financial issues plaguing your mind. For others, it is about living a meaningful and successful life and being able to cope with unfortunate events. But with the pandemic still in effect, is it possible for us to live a good life?

The short answer is yes. Some people find it easier to attain a good life because they have wealth, great social support, good mental strength, and a healthy body. But, then again, not many are lucky enough to have all this. So what can you do to still live a good life despite the pandemic?

Focus on the things you can control

Many of us fail to find true happiness because we worry too much about things we cannot control. What we can do instead is to stop worrying too much on what you can’t change, control, or influence. Focus on things you have the power over and do what needs to be done to ease your worries.

For instance, one of your other worries during the pandemic is your children not having enough room to focus on their studies. If you have space and budget to hire house extension builders, you can choose to add new living space and turn it into your new children’s study. If your budget is not enough, you can simply appoint your kids to their dedicated study area. Set up rules that every member of the household can follow to avoid distractions during study time.

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Worried about your expenses during the pandemic? Then be creative and do something so you can earn more. There are different ways for you to increase your income while keeping in mind the steps needed to keep yourself from contracting the virus. You can choose to start finding a remote job, selling things you don’t need on the internet, or find another job that won’t require you to have much contact with others.

Find your purpose during the pandemic

Finding your purpose and doing what you can to help is a great way to feel good while helping make a positive change. This is not limited to following the rules the government and health officials recommended like proper hand washing, wearing of facial masks, and social distancing. This can also mean helping others in the time crisis by volunteering. Did you know that according to a study, the elderly are more at risk of mental health issues during the pandemic? Reaching out to your senior loved ones and acquaintances can help ease their stress and depression during these challenging times.

Be thankful

Sometimes, we only look at the bad things, often forgetting to appreciate the simple things in life. Research shows that gratitude has a direct link to happiness and satisfaction. If we learn to slow down and take a moment to be grateful for all the good things that are happening to us each day, you will soon realize that some people have it worse and that you are still very lucky.

Other strategies can help you live a good life despite us living in the age of the COVID-19 crisis. More often than not, it all depends on how one chooses to react to the situation and what we focus on. Choose to be grateful, focus on what you can control, and try to find your purpose and you can still live a happy and fulfilling life during the crisis.

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