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How Weather and Temperature Affect Your Relationship

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Do you know that the color blue, especially in the idiom “feel blue,” always associated with a relaxed or sad mood? On the other side, it is also associated with winter or cold temperatures. Meanwhile, red is the exact opposite of the previous color. Often, it is associated with high spirits or aggressiveness. Red is also the color that describes the hot temperatures.

Is it a coincidence, or can you feel the difference between your mood when you’re feeling cold or feeling heated? Research says that there is a relation between temperature and someone’s mood. The change of your mood is not only impacting yourself but also your relationship with your significant other.

Therefore, how to maintain your mood in extreme weather?

Heated Arguments

According to research, most people show that they’re happier when it’s summer compared to winter. Some advertisements will show you the cheerful beach activities and beautiful scenery you can only see in summer. But what’s the correlation between summer and happiness?

It is because sunlight has a significant effect on tiredness. It can affect someone’s mood by changing the serotonin level. The rise of serotonin level will lift your mood. Your relationship might become warmer and filled with a lot of joyful moments. The summer trip with your loved one always sounds so exciting!

But one of the dangers is how the temperature drives people to become aggressive with high temperament. When everything was fine, you don’t have to worry too much. But if you disagree and are in your emotional stage, take your time to calm down.

Whenever you feel the overwhelming heat that’s affecting your mind, take a deep breath. Fresh drinks or ice cream will help you to cool down. If you can’t control yourself, you might end up involved in a heated argument. This may not end well.

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Cold and Lonely

It is like the previous comparison between both colors. Low temperature affecting your mood in the opposite ways compared to high temperature. You will tend to feel calmer without anger clouding your mind. It will change the dynamic of your relationship. You will feel even more relaxed and enjoying the homey vibes with your significant other. Research reveals that someone’s desire to watch a romantic movie was stronger when they felt cold. It is because people will seek physical warmth to make themselves feel comfortable.

But the slow and relaxed mood sometimes lead to a fewer interaction. It might make you feel a lack of physical or mental warmth. Thus, leading you to feel cold and lonely.

If none of you make the first move to warm things up, your relationship will feel dull and lead to boredom. On rainy days, a lot of negative vibes spreading on social media. It might trigger someone to feel sad and blue. That will bring problems to your relationship.

Prepare Yourself

As aforementioned, the temperature has a significant impact on your mood. Controlling the weather is barely possible, but you can control your house’s temperature with the right HVAC system. You can adjust your mood through the temperature according to the weather.

On sunny days, especially in summer, you will need a cooler temperature to clear your mind and give you refreshing vibes. When winter arrives, you will need the room temperature higher to feel warmer. Hot chocolate with marshmallows will help you to feel better. It’s your choice to make.

But installing HVAC is not the only preparation that you can do. The light installation with adjustable color will also bring a positive impact on your mood. It is because light can control the serotonin level in your mind. Elevating your mood with the right amount of light will create joyful vibes even in the middle of winter. That is why you can feel the positive vibes on the holidays!

As the season changes, you might feel it is impacting your mood in various ways. In summer, it drives a lot of people to feel energetic and sometimes becomes aggressive. But in winter, spending more of your time on the bed and pull the blanket to warm yourself will be very tempting. The season is not only impacting yourself but also your significant other. Thus, the dynamic of your relationship will also change.

Various factors will affect someone’s mood. Research finds that temperatures and lights have a significant role in affecting mood and action. Therefore, you need to make sure that the temperature is under your control.

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