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Food that Can Help Address Acid Reflux Issues

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Acid reflux isn’t a pleasant feeling: you’ll feel nauseous, bloated, and have an urge to throw up what you’ve eaten last breakfast. Not just that, but it can also take you off work for a day since you won’t be able to concentrate.

Almost every day, our stomach is working 24/7 in processing food for our bodies. Since it needs to be able to process a lot of foreign material, it will require a strong gut fauna to help break down fiber, organic materials, and meat for the body. Aside from having healthy microbes, our stomach uses acid as a bread and butter when it comes to breaking down objects to its most basic level.

However, there will be times that the balance of our digestive system might get thrown off by something have might be spoiled, or we ingested a certain bacteria. When the stomach produces too much acid, this can irritate your esophagus, which can eventually cause vomiting and nausea.

The Best Types Of Food

No worries, there are a variety of different ways of ensuring that your stomach settles down. If ever you do feel that your acid reflux might be more intense than usual, you can always ask for professional help and a much-needed endoscopy. While there are medications specifically designed for this type of condition, you might want to fill your stomach. Of course, food is considered to be a proper way of letting your stomach heal.

What is some good food to counter acid reflux? Here are some delicious options:


There are a plethora of different herbs that are known for settling your stomach. If you’re going to public places, taking herbs such as ginger is an excellent way of reducing the chances of throwing up. That is usually attributed to the muscle-relaxing characteristics of ginger and other herbs that are known to help soothe the nerves.

There are different ways of preparing ginger; others will usually use it as an ingredient for dishes and hot soups while others brew it to make beverages like turmeric ginger tea.


Naturally, vegetables are a tried-and-tested way of neutralizing stomach acid. Whether it’s starchy root crops or green fibrous vegetables, these can easily fill a stomach and satiate hunger. Not to mention that it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients. ; Potatoes, cauliflower, beans, and cucumber are just some vegetables that can help with an acidic stomach.

Not only are vegetables great in settling your stomach, but they can also be used for a variety of different dishes. Since vomiting is usually induced by muscle movement, vegetable soup and broth are a great way of settling your stomach, especially when warm food can relax muscles.

Whole Grains

In most cases, acid reflux will usually happen in the morning when your stomach is empty. Oatmeal and granola are great ways of ensuring that your stomach is filled while lowering the risk of acid reflux. This fibrous treat is also a great way of removing waste, which provides a natural bowel movement. Most of the time, oatmeal and granola can be served warm, which can also help settle the stomach’s muscles.

Seafood and Meat

In most cases, fatty and greasy meat is what causes acid reflux in most people. Lean meat and seafood that doesn’t contain much fat is an excellent way of reducing acid reflux. If you do have greasy meat, it’s best to grill, bake, and broil off the fatty aspects.

Fish and shellfish are also an effective way of letting your stomach settle down. Most experts would suggest getting fish that are caught from open waters rather than those grown from fish farms. For all kinds of seafood, it’s imperative to bake, grill, and sautee them to remove toxins and parasites.

Healthy Fats

healthy foods

Despite your stomach not taking well to fats and greasy food while you have acid reflux, there are, in fact, healthy alternatives to these fatty foods. One of the most famous ‘fatty’ options would be avocados, olive oil, and sunflower oils. Avocados are great for salads, dips, and sandwiches, while olive oil and sunflower oil can be used for cooking pasta and other great dishes. Most of the time, these are a great way of getting a proper amount of unsaturated fats without repercussions to your stomach.

It might be time to start phasing out all the fatty and oily foods that you have in your pantry with these healthy alternatives. Not only will these foods help with your acid reflux, but the fibrous and balanced nature of these foods will ensure that your digestive system is in peak condition. Your body will thank you!

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