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Do Not Ignore the Dumbbells: Weightlifting is Good for Your Overall Health

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There is still a wrong public perception that weightlifting is only done by people who want to bulk up. However, everyone, young or old and male or female, can benefit from adding strength training into their regular exercise routines.

Weightlifting is known to make you stronger, enabling you to do more and enjoy life for as much as you can. It also can help you prevent illnesses and lose weight. Moreover, it is as good for the mind as for the body.

If you are still unconvinced, here are the important reasons why you should start weightlifting/strength training.

Illness Prevention and Treatment

Weightlifting mostly targets the muscles, but its positive effects extend throughout your entire body, including your heart. A study has found that weightlifting can reduce a person’s risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event like a heart attack or a stroke by as much as 70%. You do not even have to do it for over an hour; researchers noticed that those who did strength training for less than an hour every week reaped the most benefits.

Weightlifting can also act as a non-surgical scoliosis correction. Through regular practice, it can reduce the appearance of a curved spine. However, those who have the condition should be very careful. They are advised to talk to their doctor and physical therapist before they incorporate any form of exercise into their regular routine. Weightlifting, in particular, can do more harm if done incorrectly. It can be very painful for people with scoliosis. They should follow a customized routine that would not aggravate their condition.

Weightlifting can also address osteoporosis. Doing strength exercises has been known to target the bones, too. Incorporating it into their regular routine would prevent bone loss as they grow older.

Weight Loss

People will take all types of supplements to lose weight, but they would not grab a dumbbell or a barbell.

Weightlifting is more effective for weight loss than cardio because it creates more lean mass. By increasing your lean mass, you burn more calories throughout the day.

This has been proven by a study published in 2017. Researchers recruited adults, all of whom either overweight or obese. The participants were divided into two groups: one was tasked to do walking workouts while the other did strength training. All participants also consumed low-calorie throughout the study.

While the group that did walking workouts lost weight, the decrease was far more significant among participants who did strength training.

Less Risk of Injury

Weightlifting targets multiple aspects of your body. It makes your muscles and bones stronger as well as improve your balance by making your core work. These changes make you less likely to experience injuries, especially after doing regular chores at home and activities elsewhere.

You would not suffer from lower back pain when you bend over or remain seated for the whole day nor will your knees hurt after a long run. Weightlifting enables you to do what you want, whether that is to carry a piece of furniture to your upstairs apartment or climb a mountain.

Improved Mood

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Weightlifting can lift your spirits up. In a recent study, researchers analyzed the results of 33 randomized clinical trials involving nearly 2,000 participants, some of whom have mild to moderate depression. The researchers found that those who did strength training two or more days per week reported significant improvements in their symptoms. The effects were more pronounced among those who have severe depressive symptoms.

In addition, strength training also boosted the moods of participants. It does not matter if the exercise was frequent or sporadic nor if they saw positive changes in their appearance. They had a better state of mind after the workout.

It has long been proven that physical activity releases dopamine, the chemical in the brain that is responsible for pleasure and reward. Weightlifting, like doing cardio, can immediately improve one’s mood.

Independence in Old Age

Weightlifting can grant you a long life. It promotes general health and prevents injuries and diseases. It also will make sure that you can live a happy life well into your old age.

As you grow older, you rapidly lose your muscle strength. That is why seniors often are incapable of doing tasks that normally would not bother a younger person.

Weightlifting can prevent that from happening. Doing strength training regularly will preserve your muscle strength in your 90s.

Weightlifting promotes overall health. So, when you head to the gym, do not ignore the free weights and weight machines. Try them out and see how they will make your life better.

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