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Beating Pandemic Blues

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With the global health crisis still around with a surge of cases here and there, we should continue to follow health protocols despite citizens’ ongoing vaccination. We can never be too careful until we have eliminated the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 affects our overall well-being. It affects our physical, emotional, and mental state. Given this, we should take care of our families and all household members to ensure a healthy home.

As we struggle through the quarantine period, there have been many cases of bouts of depression and anxiety. To cure this and possible cases of cabin fever, you will need a change in scenery that is different from your everyday routine inside your home.

Changing the Home Landscape

While dealing with the global health crisis, we cannot simply go out of the house for recreational activities and hang out with friends and family. Given these restrictions, we sometimes need a breather from the monotony of everyday life.

Here are ways in which you can change your home landscape to avoid restlessness and cabin fever.

Staying most of the time indoors may have affected our health in various ways. If you have a patio, consider spending time outside for a while with the fresh breeze. To make things more comfortable in any weather, you can have retractable patio awnings installed. This will beautify your home and give your patio a new look while providing enough shade for your needs.

While you are outdoors, you can also consider gardening or landscaping. Changing your home scenery may require you to find new plants and decor for your home garden. If you are into gardening, you can do this on your own. Get the whole family to join you so that you can get things done faster. For those who are not into gardening, you can opt to hire a professional landscaper instead.

For those who spend many hours indoors because of virtual meetings at work, you can still try to change your everyday scenery. Change up your interior design aesthetic by adding new accent pieces to your home corners. If you have extra income to spend, you can also consider buying new furniture pieces to suit your current taste. Don’t forget to always dedicate a disinfection area no matter what interior setup you decide on.

While changing the scenery is one of the best options you can consider trying out during this time, there are other ways to avoid experiencing bouts of cabin fever.

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Avoiding Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is usually experienced by someone who has spent a prolonged period in a given space. Symptoms of cabin fever often involve restlessness, irritability, and loneliness.

Dealing with cabin fever can sometimes be a frustrating experience. Experiencing this can often be a hindrance to work and other daily activities. This is especially true today when we seem helpless as we strictly follow the safety protocols and quarantine guidelines. Despite this, there are ways you can manage your situation, however difficult it may seem.

Here are ways to deal with symptoms of cabin fever.

When working from home, make sure to find a good work-life balance. Start separating your personal life from your work hours to avoid burnout. Set aside time for recreational activities you can enjoy.

Make sure to follow a healthy diet. Now is not the time to get your immune system down. A healthy diet entails a healthy mind and body, which will help you deal with difficult situations.

Incorporate regular workouts into your everyday routine. Besides keeping you healthy and fit enough to ward off the virus, this will also boost your happy hormones that help uplift the mood.

Apart from these, you can also utilize technology to connect with friends and family who live in different households. Staying connected will help ease symptoms of loneliness and isolation during this quarantine period.

There are many things you can do at home to ward off symptoms of cabin fever. Make sure to keep you and your family healthy so that you can easily deal with the current situation’s mental challenges.

As we continue to struggle with the quarantine period, we need to change the home landscape now and then to keep our scenery fresh. Doing so will help ward off feelings of loneliness and isolation that may diminish your motivation to get up every morning. Greet every day with a smile because as long as you are safe and sound in your home, everything will be okay.

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