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A No-frills Guide for Painting Your Man Cave

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At the end of each workday, every man would want to recharge and take things easy in their very own space. Such is a space called the man cave, which is specially designed to suit the interests of men. It could be your video game room, a home theater, your very own workshop, or perhaps a simple home office.

Many people have the impression that men’s spaces are sloppy, cluttered, and hopelessly disorganized. This is something that you can easily disprove by giving your area an overhaul. At this point, you might be quite confused about where to start. So why not commence the renovation of your space with the walls? Choose the perfect palette that reflects your personality.

Things to think about

Man caves have different purposes. And it will all depend on your interest. It could be that simple sanctuary where you can contemplate or take a nap. It could be that sophisticated speakeasy home bar where you can invite some of your friends. Or it could be that eclectic and chaotically appealing memorabilia room full of sports-related collectibles. Knowing the purpose of your man cave will allow you to pick a color much more easily. This is because particular room aesthetics are often associated with specific colors.

For that chill, low-key vibe

If your private space is going to be used as a thinking area or a meditation room, it would be wise to opt for colors that elicit a sense of tranquility. Soothing shades, such as light blues, turquoise, green, and even neutrals, such as beige, will help you achieve that peaceful background for your mini-library or study. You can also break the conventions about man cave looking brooding by using colors, such as whites and even pastels!

For that elegant, gentlemanly space

Many a man wants to retain that traditional gentlemanly aesthetics a la Don Draper of Mad Men. They see themselves smoking cigar in a warm room with a brown leather chair. If you want to achieve this mood and tone, it is wise to select earthy and rich colors. Deep browns and burgundy can do the trick here. But you can also explore other deep shades, such as maroons, navy blue, and emerald green. Complement the look of the room with furniture pieces with gentle curves and patterns.

For the sleek, understated appeal

Some men want that archetypal sleek and understated appeal seen in usual man caves. These are often industrial and futuristic in appearance. In this context, safe color choices include gray, black, and silver. You might also want to add textures to the walls, the type of expensive wall cladding in corporate offices.

Own your colors

At the bottom of it all, the color choice will be entirely dependent on you. You can aim to have that Mad Men aesthetics yet use light and pastels, and it is still okay! You have to own your colors and strike a balance when it comes to design to avoid design faux pas. After all, it is your own space.

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