A Helpful Guide for Rookie Dads

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Any man looking forward to being a father may sometimes feel overwhelmed and confused on how to be fully prepared. But despite the tiring days and sleepless nights, many can attest that being a father is one of the best jobs anyone can do. In fact, studies suggest that dads play a major part in their kids’ physical, emotional, mental, and social development.

It’s also found that children can grow better and happier if they have a close relationship with their fathers. If you’re going to be a dad soon, it doesn’t mean you need to let go of all your personal lifestyle habits or enjoyment. Let’s go through a few things about balancing everything out while being a good dad.

  1. Communicate with your partner

This should be a no-brainer. But let’s be honest, many new parents are still confused about how they can work together to take care of their baby. As a matter of fact, one study found out that having a baby can negatively impact the quality of the relationship of couples. To avoid huge conflicts between you and your partner, always have an honest and open line of communication.

Discuss your feelings, thoughts, and experiences that each other are not aware of. Chatting about these things will help you become aware of each other’s health and improve your closeness too.

  1. Share the responsibilities

The next thing you need to do is ensure you’ll be sharing responsibilities with your partner. Don’t be like others who get left out in the early stages of their kids. Find out how you can take care of your newborn and help your partner. Some simple tasks you can do include giving baths, changing diapers, read or sing to your baby, do the laundry or dishes, and most importantly, have skin-to-skin time with your baby.

  1. Dress up your little one

You might be curious why this is something a dad like you should prioritize. Well, for one, dressing up can help with your kid’s development, so it’s more than just a childhood pastime. It can improve their creativity and life skills. While fun, cool costumes are ideal, you can use just about any baby apparel and accessories for your dress-up bonding time.

Start early and let your growing little ones try out different outfits or customers. Let them act out social events or create scenes for imaginative play. And when your baby reaches at least three or four years old, you can start teaching them to put on their own clothes, from buttoning to the zippers, to improve their motor skills.

  1. Discuss parenting

If you’re lovely wife just gave birth, you might think this is too early. But believe us, it’s better to start and implement this as early as you can. Talk to your partner about what kind of parents do you want to be. Are you both going to be working? How will you manage the tiring days and sleepless nights? How will you share responsibilities? Do you have childcare plans? Most importantly, you’d also want to decide about the discipline for your new baby or future kids too.

  1. Talk to fellow dads
    friends talking

According to studies, first-time fathers often feel isolated. Some are more likely to experience stress with a lack of close friends, while others claim they lost some friends when they became fathers. Social connection is essential for your mental health, especially now that you’re a dad.

But if this is your current concern, talking to another dad (a friend or a friendly stranger) can help you overcome the stress. Fellow dads can totally understand what you’re feeling and thinking and give you helpful advice. Approach dads at the daycare or in your office and chat up.

  1. Schedule downtime with partner

Parents or not, we all need a break. And you? You’re not an exception. You and your partner need to refuel your energy bars for more tiring days. If your baby is still a few months old, one day of rest every week would be enough. You have a massage, go to a coffee shop to meet up with friends, or take a quick trip to the gym or a fitness class. Talk to your partner about how you can both take your own breaks.

Becoming a father is certainly life-changing. Sure, you might have to set some limits on your previous lifestyle habits, such as going out with friends, but it doesn’t mean you’d be a miserable lad. Follow our tips, and you’ll have an easier time adjusting to fatherhood. Plus, you also get to ensure you and your partner’s health and wellness won’t be sacrificed.

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