4 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in the World

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Married couples often dream of traveling the world together and experiencing a new culture, since it’s not only fun to experience something new, but it also deepens their bond and their connection together. And one of the best times to travel and enrich that connection is during the earliest stage of your marriage: the honeymoon.

Here are some of the best travel destinations to spend your honeymoon:

Bali, Indonesia

Home to lots of beautiful white-sand beaches, Bali is indeed one of the best places to spend your honeymoon with your partner. Away from all the troubles of the city, and wanting to bask in the calm waves of the ocean, with your favorite person in the entire world. You can also rent and ride scooters, and explore vast rice fields all around Ubud. The closeness to nature would bring you and your partner closer together, and you could also visit one of the many temples and experience the unique Balinese culture.

London, United Kingdom

If you and your partner prefer a busier ambiance and prefer the city, London is a perfect choice. Overall, the UK is considered to be one of the people’s top choices to travel to, and one of the most sought after travel destinations, even for single people, because it’s one of the most popular cities in the world, with nearly 20 million tourists a year.

With countless movie and song lyric references, with famous landmarks such as the Buckingham Palace, British Museum, and the Tower of Bridge, London is a great choice for couples who love traveling. There are lots of affordable hostels with private rooms that you could both stay at, enjoy the intimacy provided by the rooms, and sleep comfortably with the love of your life knowing you are a few steps away from exploring such an iconic city together.

london UK

Skye, Scotland

Want a breathtaking, cinematic, and completely out of this world view and scenery? Then the Isle of Skye in Scotland is the best choice for you. The landscape of the small island in Scotland offers a coastal view straight out of a fantasy novel perfect for your Instagram feed. There are also lots of opportunities and fun things you can enjoy apart from your breath being taken away from the view, and taking aesthetic pictures.

You and your partner could go hiking together in the landslip of Quiraing, or tour the famous Dunvegan Castle and Gardens together. And then, to end the night on a perfect note, you can both enjoy the majestic sunset together while having a roantic stroll along the shore, hand in hand watching the sun disappear behind the small hills.

Paris, France

Of course, when it comes to romantic locations, Paris still holds one of the top spots in the entire world. Elegance, romance, richness in culture, history, and architecture all wrapped in one in the most popular cities in the world, and definitely one of the dream go-to places of couples whether it’s for their honeymoon, or just a romantic trip together.

Since it’s Paris, you would never run out of cafes and museums and romantic spots to explore. Besides, it’s almost a universally accepted ‘relationship goal’ to have your picture taken at the Eiffel Tower while holding the love of your life.

Your honeymoon is one of the most cherished moments in your life as a married couple, and one way to make it more memorable is by spending it by traveling somewhere and experiencing something new, much like how new you both are in a marriage.

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